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A New Book Titled, "Epics: A Collection of Translated Artifacts," Is Now Available on Amazon


Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- EPICS: A Collection of Translated Artifacts, is a satirical science fiction adventure unlike any other ever written. It is an epic tale that will challenge everything the reader knows of history and the universe.

Deep within an abandoned silver mine, at an undisclosed location, in the very bowels of the Earth itself, Professor Aran Damon PhD and his archaeological team discovered a pile of copper tablets that date back to the Uruk IV period in Sumer, over 5,000 years ago.

The effort to extract these tablets from their ancient resting place was exhausting, but when finally accomplished, stock was taken of them by his archaeological team. And what a prize!

Here was Barry Happypants and his quest to rid the Universe of the interplanetary tyrant, Gribulor, the Great Goat-Man.

Here was Barryfs encounter with the unstoppable universal hero El Krunko, and how the two became a pair of legends to rival all legendary figures.

Here are the adventures of this Dynamic Duo throughout time and space, all the more marvelous thanks to their seemingly nonsensical nature.

Behold as they ally themselves with the eerie Ethnocentric Dracula to battle the malevolent Multinational Mummyman!

Marvel as they discover the text that tells the tale of El Krunkofs past!

Be astounded as the very edges of chronology and geography are explored and burst apart!

Such are the wonders of the translation, that while the Professor cannot risk his professional career, or the promising futures of his team, he would be wrought with regret if he were to never share the compilation. Thus, under a pseudonym to protect his identity, he has finally taken steps to publish this work.

A Collection of Translated Artifacts, was published by the Professor on August 7th this year. He hopes that all lovers of comedy and history will be enticed to buy a copy of his book, which is now offered at the very affordable cost of $2.99 for Kindle, and $10.79 for paperback.

EPICS: A Collection of Translated Artifacts is available for purchase at:

Contact: Prof. Aran Damon PhD
Address: Manhattan, New York