A New Bristol Foodie Platform Called Appetiton Is to Be Released to Reduce the Cost of Eating out by Up to 50%

A new foodie platform is to be launched on the 30th March which will help students and people on a lower wage eat out at up to 50% cheaper. Appetition not only provides real time discounts for Café’s, Bars, and Restaurants, it also provides a platform to help the food industry in Bristol increase the number of customers who eat in their establishments.


Bristol, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- With the high cost of living, low wages and rising university fees, students and people on a low wage are struggling to survive. According to official reports, more people than ever before are turning to Pay Day loan companies while fewer people can enjoy the luxury of eating out. A new platform called Appetiton may not reduce tuition fees, cost of living or force employers to pay a living wage, but it can provide an affordable eating out solution.

Appetiton, which is currently available for 2000 visitors, will be officially launched on the 30th March. It has been described as one of the most exciting discount saving platforms on the market for food lovers, providing users to eat out for a lot less. While food experts and money saving experts have called Appetiton an exciting platform for consumers, business experts have said it will be just as important for the food sector.

With the troubled economic climate, food outlets have seen a huge reduction in the number of people eating out. However, through the Appetiton platform, it is believed Restaurant and Beverage Industry establishments listed will see a huge increase in customers. That means, food lovers are able to enjoy the pleasure of eating out in good quality establishments and enjoy good quality food while trade for these establishments increase and so does their profits.

According to a spokesperson for Appetiton, "We target students, tourists, young professionals, and other foodies in the area. We have created the ultimate restaurant hack for food fans across the country."

Appetiton with its state-of-the-art technology will benefit food lovers within the United Kingdom. It is different from their competitors as their service is free, organized and location aware. The company wants to make it simpler for today's diners to find the best meals at a cheaper price and with greater convenience. While living costs in the UK continue to rise, the new app will make it possible to enjoy discounted offerings at local eating-places.

The new Bristol based foodie platform will allow Tourist's and people new to the Bristol area to find good quality restaurants more easily. Appetiton, will become an important tool for people who enjoy eating out, allowing them to find within minutes establishments, which can cater for a great night out, a celebration such as a birthday or a wedding, while at the same time helping them to save money while not compromising on quality.

The platform founders work with various Bristol-based restaurants, caf├ęs, and bars. These include The Bombay Boulevard, Botelino's, and the Brass Pig.

The platform will deliver real-time discounts to location-aware smartphonesor tablets. The discounts range from twenty to fifty per cent.

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About Appetiton
Appetiton is a new platform that will bring people real discounts for eating out. It provides discount between 20 and 50 per cent.

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