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A New Classified Ad Service Catering to Advertisers on a Budget Is Making a Big Splash on the Internet


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- An American Entrepreneur and Part Time Voice Actor, Muhammad Bey is giving marketers a better way to promote their goods and services. Mr. Bey is owner of, a classified ad site which includes among its many features the option to post the same ad in the same category in over 975 cities worldwide in English at the same time! is now serving clients across the US and the rest of the developed and developing world. With something for almost everyone , can service ads for car sales, products and services, cell phones and electronics, personals, job offers, work from home , mlm , social network market, fitness, personal trainer money making opportunities business and personal services , entertainment , financial services legal services computers & electronics, a page for submitting a press release, internet marketing, health & beauty ad’s , travel services and much more.

The option to post one ad to the same category in 975 cities at one time has been very popular says owner Muhammad Bey.

Covering over 450 US cities, over 35 major cities in the UK with another 70 major cities across Europe and Hundreds more in Asia, India ,The Africa Union, the Caribbean, South America , Canada and the Pacific, is enjoying a strong following, adding new clients each week and new cities every few months.

“Our goal is to have over 1000 cities in our data base and 1 million new users by 2015”, says Beyslist owner, Muhammad Bey. More cities are being planned as well for the site because only 25 percent of the world’s population is using the internet; that means that some of the remaining 75 percent will begin using the internet and web in the coming years.

Most of these new users live in rural communities, new cities will have to be added the classified ad script to serve the needs of peoples in these communities as well, especially in places like China, says Mr. Bey. New Chinese cities are being built all the time and there are over 1.3 billion people in China, of which more than 290 million speak English.

When asked why allow people to promote the same ad in so many cities at once, Mr. Bey replied, “Because it is a need many new Entrepreneurs have been asking for, including me. "

"I designed to be easy to use, inexpensive and able to service the greatest number of users. is the place where advertisers can be themselves!"

"People want to reach the greatest number of people for the least amount of money and know someone is behind the service that cares about what the customer wants and needs!"

"You do not even need to register to use, just jump right in and start running ads. All ads except multipost ads are free now but that will change in the near future! I call it the “Free Time”, so get your ads in now! When you do register you have access to additional feature on that allow you to manage your ads more effectively."

“With the US economy as bad as it is for so many, people are taking matters in to their own hands. Americans and other Entrepreneurs’ worldwide are looking for new models to make money with and new ways to promote themselves on the internet without being labeled scammers!, says Mr. Bey”. I want to be seen as the New Cross Roads of the World!

“I have tried promoting myself on other services, many do not offer a multi-city posting service or do not have the right market focus, some of the more popular site are more concerned with their big advertising contractors or how multipost will affect their SEO to allow multi-posting of ads in the same category in multiple cities.”

Seeing the need and not be served else where I created my own classified service, now I serve a host of new clients and my own advertising needs as well!

"I have discovered a few new ways to promote my service world to a growing clientele; I have used face book, LinkedIn and my profile at from which I have sold hundreds of ads!"

Muhammad Bey can be reached for comments and interviews at 215-868-9932 in the USA or at email: