A New Crowdfunding Campaign Has Been Launched to Make Splendid Masks from Simple Materials

Polyfacets Craft Plans - is a world of creation. The PDF plans comprise a pattern and instructions, which guide the user to create stunning, strong, waterproof masks, with inexpensive, basic materials.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Jill Bonner to raise £350 to make her Polyfacets Craft Plans a reality.

The campaign has been launched to generate enough funds to buy equipment to speed up the design process. These plans will allow people to build as many masks as they wish and use them for special occasions, such as drama productions, craft groups, parades, flash-mob type events, and more.

Jill Bonner has worked hard to create PolyFacets craft plans. Her designs are intended to be created with a few basic craft tools, yet they bring inspiration and help develop creativity, giving you a project to build, then decorate in the way that you like. The masks, when built using the simple-to-follow steps, are robust, durable, and waterproof. Every plan includes video tutorials that can be watched online.

This Kickstarter campaign is to help support Jill in buying a plot cutter that will replace the old "Stanley" knife and will significantly speed up the development of new designs. Having this equipment will allow her to supply plans in a format compatible to the cutters for people who wish to make masks in big quantities. Any extra funds raised will be used for producing videos of better quality and more helpful tutorials.

According to creator Jill Bonner, the PolyFacets Kickstarter campaign launches on 4th August 2015. "I'm excited to be bringing my concept to Kickstarter," said Bonner

"There are a growing number of adults becoming interested in Art and Craft making, as a hobby. I aim to deliver something magical and accessible which inspires further creativity, all in the form of a simple PDF file".

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will get numerous rewards for their support. People who support the campaign will receive PDF mask plans of their choice. Backers who give £50 or more to support the project will get a full set of eight Polyfacets Craft Plans plus a copy of the next five coming designs from PolyFacets craft plans.

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About The PolyFacets craft plans Kickstarter Campaign
The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise £350. It was launched by Jill Bonner who wants to provide people with tutorials to create great looking masks which are as much fun to build and decorate as they are to wear