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"A New Exterior Wall Coating Has Come Onto the Market in the Uk That Lasts for 20 Years."


Plymouth, Devon -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Anyone who owns a house knows that the task of decorating the property and keeping it in good condition, gets harder, more frequent, and more expensive, every single year.

These are costs that, in the austere times nowadays, people could do without. The household expenses pile up every month, and for every pay cheque, there is less and less to go around.

For the average Joe, keeping the house up to date, looking good, or at least, in a good state of repair, becomes a tougher job every month, and with most homes having to be painted every year, the math just doesn’t add up anymore, so what’s the solution?

Homes should not be left to rot away just for the sake of a coat of paint!

Indeed! Painting the house each year soon drains the bank account, and for people trying to sell their home, in a very slow market, having a long life paint system, especially one with a 15 year warranty, can become a good selling point, and a cheap way, to sell a home, fast!

However, surprisingly, the solution to a long term house paint finish has gone all the way around the world over the years before coming to the attention of the home owners in the UK ! This special paint was invented by the US military after the war, before finally arriving in the United Kingdom during the 70’s

Technology has moved on a lot since then and an innovative British home painting company has now come up with a paint solution that enables thrifty homeowners to get their house repaired and painted, at the same time, and then sprayed with a special coloured exterior wall coating, in the place of paint.

No paint brush is needed!

Is it paint?

Well it sure LOOKS LIKE paint, but I’m assured there is far more to it than that, and it cannot be bought in your local paint shop or store either.

The wall coating is available from NEVER PAINT AGAIN UK, is made in Britain, and is fully compliant with all building codes and regulations. It lasts for up to 20 years, can be applied to virtually ANY type of house, and does not fade, crack, chip or peel. It even stops damp!

You can have it in any colour, and the cost of a quote survey is FREE.

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