A New Innovative Network of TV Programs Is Exploding on the Scene

WYDK TV= What You Don't Know...? WYDK TV is a series of education public TV programs that are designed to help people become aware on issues related to health, money, world, rights and safety among others and which can lead them to make better informed choices. WYDK TV just Launched a new WYDK TV Community Site March2013, Plans To Launch New Programs and New Kids Network in Fall 2013


Stateline, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- WYDK TV, a popular name when it comes to free education programs, announced the details related to the launch of three new programs. The company also plans to launch a new WYDK Kids network by September 2013. When asked, a representative of the organization said, “Yes we are working towards launching three new programs in the next few months, while the kid’s network is expected to go on air by the month of September.”

According to the sources, WYDK representative added, “The information on offer is completely free and simply affects the life of most people in one way or the other.”

The WYDK TV programs can be accessed from any location across the globe using different Medias including Radio, TV, Smart Phones, Tablets, Game Systems , and Online throught the new WYDK Community Site which launched March 23, 2013 at http://wydktv.com.

A. M. Frances, the Executive Producer at WYDK TV said, “WYDK TV is for all people of every age, race, gender, social status and in every country. Everyone has been faced with situations and circumstances where they have said I would have, I could have, I should have or if I had only known. We all have far more in common than we realize. ‘Empowerment Through Knowledge’ - that is what WYDK TV is all about.”

WYDK Radio started operations 12 years ago and the radio programs were developed into WYDK TV Programs 2010. WYDK TV received over 2, 900, 860 viewer responses in its second season and has over 80 thousand members combined on all social media sites. The number is growing every single day.

Website: http://wydktv.com

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Contact Person: A M Frances
Contact Number: 530 542 2605
Location:Stateline NV
Email id: info@press.wydktv.com
Website: http://wydktv.com
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