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A New Marketing Platform Brings Together Business, Marketing and Creativity in Seconds is a new platform that allows you to promote anything in seconds, combining professional marketing posters, seo friendly pages that link to your web and a powerful wall platform


Oviedo, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Professional marketing posters are being used more and more to promote businesses and services. They are very visual, quickly attracting our attention, and at the same time blend the power of typography into the image, communicating the message deeper and faster.

A new platform dedicated to promote services, businesses, events, products and people, combining marketing posters with worldwide promotion is

The first thing that stands out in is that you don't need to register to use it and that you can produce great results very quickly.

A professional marketing asset can be created in a matter of seconds or a few minutes, combining templates, visual effects, montage capabilities and 100% customization controls.

You get for free the poster in small size, a page showcasing it and if your poster is very original it may even be picked and promoted at the Posterini Wall for a limited time.

Even more and better results can be obtained with the Posterini premium service. This very affordable premium service, which costs the equivalent of a sandwich or a coffee, provides great value in three key areas. First, your digital poster will be re-generated, this time in huge size and quality, large enough for you to print it at any size or use it for any purpose you may want.

Second, the personal Web page of your poster will showcase your web url so that visitors are able to reach your own website from the page. this SEO friendly personal web page showcases and promotes your website and poster to search engines and audiences around the world.

In addition, Posterini has a Pinterest like wall platform that showcases posters approved by its editors. With the premium service, your poster automatically enters the editor's queue. If the content of your poster is within the terms and guidelines of Posterini, your Poster will be showcased at the Wall, including your web URL, so people can view your poster plus reach your website as well!

All in all, we have a very unique combination. Combine design, effects and montage to produce awesome professional posters in top quality, which you can then promote through personalized SEO friendly web pages plus a wall platform, both showcasing the URL linking to your website, so that people can link to your product or service.

And best of all is that you can try fully for free and without any register process, and if you enjoy it you can get their premium full service for the cost of a sandwich or a coffee.

It is a novel and unique solution that combines creativity, design and marketing.

A new unique friend for our creative marketing toolbox

About is a platform that promotes whatever you want in a matter of seconds, fast and easy. It combines professional marketing posters, seo friendly pages that connect with your own web and a powerful wall platform that showcases your business, event, news or yourself around the world.

Best of all, you don't need to register to use it. No passwords to remember, nothing to download or install. Fast and easy. Forget about photoshop or complex solutions. Posterini gives you all in one, design, marketing and promotion in a matter of seconds.

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