A New Mobile App, Karmalush, Is Set to Transform Social Networking Relationships


Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Karmalush is a new mobile application that improves relationships between social networkers. The application basically has points in the form of “karmalushies” which are gained and lost by the app users based on the awareness of how they treat others. The application is currently under development and the followers can check for updates on the site They can also subscribe to email alerts and will be updated with any newsworthy information.

The beta version of the app will release in the month of March.  Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns will also launch in March to help with completing the development of the full karmalush app. People who contribute to the crowd-funding campaigns will receive instant enhancements to their beta versions.

The Karmalush app revolves around peer reviews and relationships of social networking users. This application uses the API of Facebook in order to do authentication of its users. This means that an authentic user of Facebook will be recognized as a valid user by the Karmalush application. With the help of this app, Facebook users are able to give certain reviews about their Facebook friends. After these reviews are written and posted, there is voting period where others can vote on the accuracy of that review. All the people who are added to the profile of the person, for whom the review is being given, will be able to see the review and vote if either the review is correct or incorrect.  This is all done anonymously.

If there are more votes in the favor of the review, then it would mean that the reviewer is correct and he will end up with Karmalushies (points). If the review is rejected by the majority of voters, then points will be deducted from the review writer’s profile. Based on the positivity or negativity of the review, the points of the reviewed person are added or deducted respectively.  Voting is also encouraged by awarding those who voted in the majority with a small voting bonus.

After the full version of karmalush is released, more fun and excitement will await the users with additional voting slots, check-in challenges, charitable incentives and much, much more.

All user data collected by the karmalush app will only be used to operate the application.  None of the user’s data will be sold or shared with any 3rd party entities.

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