A New, Pain-free Way to Melt Extra Pounds Fast - No Gym or Pills Needed

Slimomatic Rapid Weight Loss System helps conscious weight-watchers shed 3 pounds in 1 week - minus frustrating diet plans, heavy gym equipment and back-breaking exercise routines.


Jalan Besar, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- It may sound unfair to some people, but most would probably agree that having good looks opens up a bright new world of success in careers, among personal relationships and in life.

Looking good begins with a slim and healthy body, but the problem is that most ordinary people have struggled and failed miserably in the seemingly simple goal of losing weight.

There is a reason for it: Pain.

Many forms of “high-tech” diets, slimming products and fitness plans have all been created with the promise of helping people to lose weight more easily – at a price: ridiculous sums of money and hour after hour of pain and torture.

With the Slimomatic Rapid Weight Loss System, people of every shape and size can now lose weight - permanently – by tapping into the power of the human subsciousness mind. This means that frustrated weight watchers can now easily lose 3 pounds in just 1 week, pain-free and with a smile on their faces.

Best of all, this unique and revolutionary system encourages people to continue eating delicious food, in moderation of course, while watching fat deposits melt away. It effectively eliminates food cravings so that hunger pangs will no longer become a stumbling block in the ultimate goal of losing weight, and looking good.

Not a single muscle would be pulled, strained or torn in this pain-free weight-loss system. Testimonials of real, ordinary people who have successfully achieved phenomenal results from this program can be found on this website:

The Slimomatic Rapid Weight-Loss System also protects customers’ investments with a 60-day money back guarantee, yet adding another layer to the worry-free factor this program was designed to achieve. To learn more about and get started with this amazing program today, register online for free at

About Slimomatic Rapid Weight Loss System
Powered by 21st-century weight-loss science, the Slimomatic Rapid Weight Loss System was created to not only help people lose weight fast, but achieve their goals pain-free. This program does not require drugs, gyms, exercises, diets and calorie counting.