A New Personal Injury Law Firm Is Arriving in Markham


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2015 -- Based on the latest available statistics, Ontario sees almost 43,000 accidents each year that involve personal injury or death. That's almost 120 accidents each day. Of those, it's a guarantee that some of them are occurring daily in the city of Markham. Car accidents can cause more than just damage to the vehicles involved. Injuries sustained in accidents can linger on for months or even years, bringing persistent medical bills with them. These bills can eventually overwhelm an individual's finances. The only way to avoid that is to turn to the recourse offered to individuals by the law: a personal injury suit. Markham residents will soon have a new option for their legal needs as a brand new firm is arriving in the city.

Personal injury cases related to auto accidents can be tricky to navigate. Determining fault can be difficult. That's why individuals must seek the aid of an attorney familiar with Ontario's injury law. The right lawyer can navigate a claim through the courts and successfully win a settlement that may cover some or all of an individual's bills. Damages may also be awarded. A good attorney is a barrier against bankruptcy due to injuries like these.

Markham's new personal injury lawyers are coming together from prestigious firms to form a new practice to meet the city's unique needs. The firm plans to specialize in every area of personal injury law, including animal bites and maulings, accidental slip and fall, wrongful death, and of course, car and bike accidents caused by negligence as well. The firm strongly believes that individuals must have their right to legal recourse against injury protected. No case will be turned away on its face. While the firm cannot guarantee a victory, clients will incur no fees until a settlement amount has been returned for their case.

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