A New Powerful Book Makes It Easier to Learn About the Power of Voting


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Voting is one of the most fundamental rights Americans enjoy. In just a few weeks, millions of Americans will take advantage of that right by electing members of Congress, state lawmakers, and other officials. Yet the right to vote is being threatened by a number of angles, including new laws that put restrictions on voting; the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Voting Rights Act; and the confusion that many people have about the voting process.

That’s why J.W. Cherry III, a longtime real estate developer and civil rights activist, has a written a new book that helps people realize the power they have at the voting booth. Your Vote Matters: The Easy Way to Use Your Power empowers Americans of all backgrounds to realize the importance of their vote and the difference between voting and not voting.

Your Vote Matters simplifies elections and voting process for new voters while highlighting the main historical points that relate to today’s civil rights issues. Ultimately, the book ensures that readers can grasp the history of these issues so they understand the many factors that voters should consider when casting their votes.

In 2008, a record number of Americans voted to elect a new president. The victory of Barack Obama inspired millions of people - both in America and around the world - to see that the sky is the limit. But more than 20% of those who had voted in 2008 didn’t vote in 2010, despite the important elections that took place that year. Cherry argues that voting in presidential elections is not enough; people must also vote in “midterm” elections, such as the one that will be taking place this November.

Over the course of more than 30 years in the field of real estate development. Cherry learned a lot about the various federal, state, and local laws that have permitted discrimination against minorities through subprime loans, predatory lending, housing segregation, and door-slamming. He realizes that the civil rights movement is what paved the way for him to succeed in an industry in which minorities have long been used, marginalized, and shut out from the industry’s growth potential.

Given that this discrimination continues today, Cherry says he hopes his book will inspire Americans from all walks of life to realize the power they can have by casting their vote.

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J.W. Cherry III, a longtime real estate developer and civil rights activist

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