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A New Shopping Add-on by GoCheapR Is Now Available


Montgiscard, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- A new shopping add-on by the company Holomedia is now available. This is an additional benefit to all consumers especially for certain individuals who used to shop online. This new shopping add-on is called GoCheapR which can help people find the best deals of products available in the internet. will be useful to every consumer since they do not have to do the comparison between similar products with distinct features and benefits.

It is hard to look for the best product with a great price deal. For this reason, people should find the best partner in exploring the web for a more reliable source. With the presence of this new shopping add-on, people will have a good source for fast and accurate information about particular products that are hard to find. GoCheapR is packed with unique features that are not present with other add-ons available. This is what they are looking for, and it is now more possible to make shopping fun and exciting. With the aid of, shopping is made fast and convenient.

This browser add-on finds the best deal in different ways. People can rely on it if they are searching for coupon codes, price comparison, private and hidden offers, search engines and start page. Aside from that, in association with WiinkZ, this add-on shows similar sites in the same topics with the keyword embedded. GoCheapR is offering a quick and intuitive way of searching recipes, images, torrents, jobs and software.

This browser add-on has amazing features such as, no ads and only relevant information, free and 100 percent spyware free. It aims to inform online shoppers that it also compares various kinds of products such as digital cameras, hotels, house appliances, desktops, laptops, flights, beauty products, toys, video games, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, books, DVDs, electronic accessories and more. It is a special feature for a particular add-on like this.

About is the browser extension adding a top bar whenever it finds a better deal on selected merchants. It is the coupon finder and comparison shop. This is available for the five major browsers they ever know. It compares thousands of stores, gives coupon codes while it also finds private or hidden offers.

For further details about this new shopping add-on, please feel free to visit, for the French version and for the Spanish version. There are more important things to discover about this special browser extension.

Contact: Luigi Castagna
Company: Holomedia
Address: France