A New Smart Wearable Communication and Safety Device Has Been Designed to Keep Children Safe

A New Indieagogo Campaign has been launched to produce the next generation of wearable protection and communication technology to keep children and the elderly safe


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- According to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, 8 million children in the world will be missing at some time this year, another 2 million will be sexually exploited and 300 million children will be victimized sexually. Ecoh is there to help parents keep their children safe. This revolutionary wearable new technology will allow parents to track a child or other loved ones GPS coordinates, view their surroundings via a real time HD camera, talk to your child anytime and anywhere, set safe zones and paths, add proximity sensors and it's lightweight, shockproof and waterproof. This product can also contact the police and the Ecoh can even be programmed to dial an emergency number if it is separated from your loved one for an extended period of time.

Development of Ecoh started 2 years ago and the company is now ready to start production. A rare opportunity has been given to a select group of people to be the first to buy this groundbreaking technology via an Indiegogo campaign. Donations start as low as $2.

For $189 people will have peace of mind that a family member is safe. The Ecoh device comes with 1 USB charger, 1 Proximity Sensor Bracelet, 1 Proximity Sensor Shoe Tag, and the Ecoh Smartphone App (iOS, Android, and Window) with free shipping worldwide. There are only 100 of these available. The donation packages go up as far as $3,280 for 20 Ecoh device packages.

It isn't just children that need the Ecoh. Worldwide 26 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s or also known as dementia. This disease has symptoms like forgetfulness, unusual reasoning, changes in mood, and coordination problems to name a few. Wandering off is a problem for people with dementia and 7% of people with this incurable disease will wander off while their caregiver is asleep.

With the Ecohs Proximity Sensor Bracelet a caregiver can be alerted as soon as their elderly loved one leaves the property. 2.4 million elderly people have falls in their home that require emergency room care every year. It is in these circumstances that the Ecoh can be a lifesaving device. Not only can they call an emergency number, but they can also alert a loved one who may be able to rush over to be by their side when help arrives.

For information on the Inidieagogo campaign and to learn more about keeping loved ones safe with Ecoh, please visit

About Ecoh
Ecoh is a clever device that helps keep family members safe. The product helps to keep children and mature adults safe.