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A New Stop Smoking Tip Is Revealed by Researchers...Moving House


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2016 -- Psychologists and researchers at the University of Bath have released some interesting findings regarding human behaviour and how we respond to certain circumstances. Moving house is often cited as a stressful time – but it is also an occasion of major change which allows people to embrace positive new opportunities. The results were published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology and involved the study of 800 adults; a number of whom felt more enabled to complete big challenges such as stopping smoking, at the time of moving house.

It is further thought that the benefits of moving house don't just apply to it being a beneficial time to stop smoking. Moving is a life transition seemingly providing a ready opportunity for people to make more life-changing decisions, often for the better. This may include concepts such as seeking a new job or proposing to a partner. Therefore, the perceptions of the task of moving house could be changing for the better; it opens up the prospect of pursuing further positive change and even can be something to be celebrated.

Keen to comment on the recent news was Safe Removals, an expert in the field. A spokesperson had this to say:

"Moving house is a time to face the new – so this often means overriding the old, including getting rid of those old bad habits! The study shows that people may be more open to information too at a time of moving - and that this is seen as particularly beneficial to those wanting to give up smoking is great. Here at Safe Removals, we aim to add to the positivity of this process through a fully secure and efficient moving service."

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