A New Way to Watch TV Online Revealed


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Millions of people watch TV online and Meltwatch is a site that helps people do so. Meltwatch aggregates videos of current and concluded TV shows that people can watch for free. Not only can people watch TV shows online for free, they can keep track of the ones they have already viewed.

There are many notable features included in the site that other similar site do not have. Among these features are the ability to visually check off the episodes you watch as soon as you watch that episode. Users can subscribe to their favorite shows and have the option to be notified via feed and notification system as soon as new links to episodes are available online. The site also has a very unique story system that has a collection of not only news articles, but also memes, quotes, and polls that are related to specific shows.

For registered users, feed is pushed right onto the homepage for new episodes or any other updates related to that specific show. For example, recently, a new meme news pushed onto a user's home page about the Game of Thrones titled “Joffrey Bieber” which shows the popular singer attacking a wolf in place of Joffrey. Other fun news are available on the site.

Each show page displays relevant shows and users can easily navigate through the seasons and episodes as well as sort them by order. The most current episodes are clearly labeled and so are the upcoming episodes.

News that are directly relevant to the show are pushed onto the home feed page as well. News about a specific episode being canceled or delayed would be good examples. Other times, it pushes the new episodes as the new sources of videos are available so that users have easier access to the episodes of the shows that they're subscribed to. Then, users are truly able to watch TV shows online for free.

Meltwatch recommends people to popular shows, and constantly updates their database of episodes and shows everyday. New shows are added almost daily and users can request for a show that is not currently on the list of shows very easily. People can view the shows that are playing today, tomorrow, or any other day by viewing the calendar system implemented on the site.

Meltwatch was released to the public on April 22, 2013. Some notable shows on the site include Game of Thrones, Dexter, and The Walking Dead. Meltwatch itself does not host any media files, but instead is just a content aggregator. Meltwatch will definitely be the next king site of being able to watch TV shows online.

About Meltwatch
Meltwatch enables people to watch TV shows online. It provides multiple sources of videos where people can stream TV show episodes. It also helps users connect to their favorite shows and track the watched and upcoming episodes.

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