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A New Website Proposes a High-Tech Solution to Sit Ups. the Answer Ab Belts


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2012 -- If it’s one thing that denotes a truly impressive physique, it’s well-defined, visible abs. Whether male or female it seems as though the real test of a person’s fitness and appearance is their ability to sculpt their mid-section into something Adonis would be proud of. As millions of American’s across the country spend their weeks in endless regimens of sit-ups and crunches, many ask a very justifiable question: is there a better way?

One website seems to think there is. Enter AbBeltHQ.com, the internet’s number one destination for a technological breakthrough that is setting the fitness world on fire, that of the ab belt.

Initially seen by many as just another fitness scam, ab belts have broken through the defences of many a sceptic due to the amazing results they have started to produce for American’s everywhere. Based on medical technology utilised in physical therapy on a daily basis, ab belts utilize the principle of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) in order to work muscles via direct electrical stimulation rather than typical exercise-based movement. For those with injuries or disabilities, this is often the only way in which to activate many important muscle groups. For the fit and healthy, however, it may just be a fitness revolution and the end to the endless litany of ab exercises many American’s are faced with every time they visit the gym.

AbBeltHQ.com was created with this amazing product firmly in mind. As more and more people are inspired to investigate the variety of products on the market utilising EMS technology, it was soon apparent that consumers required an independent, reliable source of ab belt reviews and information with which to inform their shopping decisions. The team at AbBeltHQ.com were more than happy to step up and face the challenge.

With information on the most successful and popular products on the market, including the Flex Belt, perhaps the leading ab belt available today, it’s easy to see how AbBeltHQ.com is fast becoming the premier destination for ab belt seekers all across the internet. As summertime approaches and American’s everywhere start to dread the thought of their morning ab workout, it’s no surprise that many find themselves visiting the experts in abs, AbBeltHQ.com, for a reprieve.

About Ab Belt HQ
Ab Belt HQ was founded as the webs leading source of information and consumer feedback on the most impressive fitness product to be launched onto the market in decades, the ab belt. Fully independent, the team at Ab Belt HQ are committed to delivering unbiased, trustworthy insights into this impressive new product class and in doing so assist consumers buying decisions nation-wide. Utilizing medical technology to directly stimulate the abdominal muscles without the need for typical movement-based excercise, the ab belt is delivering rock-hard abs to thousands of happy American’s every single day. For more information, visit http://www.abbelthq.com