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A New Year Brings the Launch of a Better Point of Sale Option from Solve It Store


San Luis Obispo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- As businesses welcome in the new year with optimism they will be looking towards new technologies and innovations to increase profits while cutting unnecessary expenses.

Computerized accounting software and point of sale systems are at the heart of all businesses. The tablet computer and more specifically the iPad® have started a movement in this industry. From Square to PayPal many companies have entered the point of sale market place and it is moving in many directions. Business’s have more options then ever before. This new competition is creating incredible cost savings for savvy business owners who make the switch to iPad® based point of sale systems.

“Gone are the days of costly monthly maintenance contracts. Hardware is more affordable and easily maintained. Lower rates and flat transaction fees, social media, and mobile device integration drive more sales empowering small and big business to increase profits.” Says Trevor Orrick of

Social Media and cloud technologies allow business to interact, and promote their products and services to their customers in a way unheard of just 3 years ago. The traditional point of sale systems will soon be a detriment to business. Those who do not upgrade will be losing their customers to their competition. With the iPad and other tablets facilitating new payment technologies, mobile payments and social media are the next frontier of transactions.

Many companies have tried to create products to meet the needs of software application companies like ShopKeep, POSLAVU, SalesVu, and Breadcrumb POS. Nick of said “ After 2 years of studying these industry leaders we decided to design a Point of Sale stand for what we felt was the De facto standard, The iPad, and Magtek® iDynamo credit card reader.”

This fast growing industry prompted Trevor Orrick and Nick Schycker to form a joint venture allowing product engineering and manufacturing to be expedited. This allowed them to meet the accelerated demand for iPad enclosures and Point of Sale Stands. Working together they created a new robust solution and flagship product, the iTab™Pro POS.

The iTab™Pro POS features:
- A iPad stand that rotates on a ball-joint 180 degrees for ergonomic positioning and ease of view
- Sleek and ultra-strong polycarbonate plastic enclosure
- Built-in CSA lock by Kensington to secure stand to counter(s)
- Commercial-grade card swipe housing that secures the Magtek® iDynamo (An Industry First)
- 4 large inlets on rear of enclosure for cooling of iPad and access to Ipad buttons.
- Option to have Home Button exposed or blocked
- Commercial grade surfaces to avoid scratches or damage
- 4 Torx security screws and 2 interlocks to secure iPad™ inside

The official launch of the iTab™Pro POS is in January of 2013 and can be purchased at and

Juniper Research a company that specializes in appraisal of growth opportunities and identification reports that Mobile Payments are projected to reach 670 billion annually, world wide by 2015.

“We are excited to be part of an innovative industry and believe our product will help businesses succeed in 2013 and beyond.” said Trevor Orrick of

The future is looking bright for companies who will lead the charge into a brave new world of mobile transactions.