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A Noted Author Releases Innovative Magazine on Cancer

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Victoria City, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- Graham Player (Ph.D. in Health Sciences), author of several scholarly articles and 10 books on health (27 Most Important Health Series) has published a weekly magazine on “Cancer-Advances, Knowledge, Integrative & Holistic Treatments”. Among the magazines for cancer on this web site, the author is ranked number one.

“The massive amount of information on cancer research is difficult to track and interpret. There is really too much noise in the research. I search a huge volume of data and articles on cancer research and pull those which are the most interesting and significant for the reader to consider along with my opinion and commentary. My interest is to hopefully save lives with new information.” said Player.

Among the recent topics:

- Anti-cancer virus success in Sweden
- Western Oncology in China
- Modified Immune T Cells Can Destroy Cancer
- New Cancer Radiation Therapy with No Harmful Side Effects
- Immune System Kills Every Type of Cancer Tumor Thanks to New Drug
- Women Treated with Radiation for Breast Cancer Risk Developing Heart Problems

About Graham Player
Based in Hong Kong, Player has invested over 30 years in the study of traditional Chinese medicine and holistic medicine. He practices this to develop programs for a more holistic and long-term health with a focus on nutrition.

“ I am pleased with the development of this magazine approach which blends fresh news, insights and advances on cancer combed with integrative and holistic treatments” Player said

Player intends to incorporate future magazine content covering the following topics:

- Heart Disease
- Gout
- Prostate Health
- Detox
- Cholesterol
- Alzheimer’s
- Yeast Infection
- Blood Pressure
- Fibroids

These magazines will form the core, along with curated health Videos and health trackers, for a new mobile app for hospitals in the Asia. “This mobile hospital app recognizes that patient engagement is going to be a cornerstone of health care in the future” said Player.

Contact Information
Graham Player Ph.D. ( Health Sciences)
Medical Publisher
New Victory House
Hong Kong
Magazine: http://www.27mostimportanthealthquestions.org/cancer/