A Noted Health Expert Releases Innovative E-Book on Detox


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Graham Player (Ph.D. in Health Sciences), author of several scholarly articles and books on health, has just released his newest work “27 Most Important Health Questions About Detox: Not for Dummies Answers” which will be offered as an e-Book on Kindle. The book is on the Amazon Best Seller List.

“This is an important topic,” Player said, “ We abuse our bodies in the normal course of life. We subject it to unhealthy junk food and drinks that put stress on the internal organs. Also, sedentary lifestyle coupled with lack of exercise and a hard daily life creates physical problems. It is vital that we provide our body respite which is where the importance of detox lies.” Player said.

“Most medical books are long and complicated, over loaded with medical jargon. I wanted to give readers the most important Q&A’s from my survey of over 1,000 questions in a 20 minute read with along with a Detox mhealth mobile app. To my knowledge, this is first time a medical book and mhealth app tied together.” Player said.

Among the topics covered are:

What Detox Does
Natural Detox-Toxins & Your Body
When to Detox
Diet & Lifestyle for Detox
Detox Safely & Risk
Detox and Cancer

Player’s books are reviewed by a medical advisory board.

“The information written in this book is comprehensive, significant, and consistent with general medical knowledge and practice. It is a comfortable read”….Dr. Jose Vergara M.D.

Based in Hong Kong, Player has invested over 30 years in the study of traditional Chinese medicine. He practices this with Western medicine to develop a program for a more holistic and long-term health with a focus on nutrition.

“I am pleased with the development of our FREE mHealth app which allow a user to get Quick Answers on Detox on their smartphone. ” Player said.

Player intends to write more books on a variety of health issues in the near future to create a footprint across many disease areas.

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