A Pen That Can Be Used as a Notepad


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- A revolutionary new pen design by cheatingpen.com has turned a pen into a notepad, allowing buyers to use it as a notecard and record quick notes. It is a pocket sized pen that has been designed and produced to help improve grades and academic skillsets. The pen contains a hidden roll of blank paper that notes can be written on and is only known to the user, who may refer to the notes overtly or privately. With a simple flip of a finger notes are accessible by way of a roll-out mechanism. Users can pull it out, store a note, equation, or even a speech; it will help when it is most needed. It can be conveniently used to write a note for later reference that can be kept as long as the pen lasts. It is the most convenient piece of “scratch” paper you will ever find.

About the Pen
The cheat pen is a normal 8 inch long pen that has been lightly worn. The roll-out notepad consists of a foldable lightweight plastic note sheet that is 6.7 x 2.7 inches. How does the cheating pen work? It uses a simple roll out mechanism, which is easily pulled out of the pen with a pinch of the fingers, and rolls back up when the note is released. The easy to use mechanism makes it easy to use anywhere: in class, exams, competitions, and anywhere else it is generally needed. Each pen contains a standard easily changeable blue refill that can be switched out time and again. Each pen is shipped with three paper note refills, so the notes within the pen can be replaced with new notes when the old notes are no longer needed. The notes are attached to the rolling mechanism by means of a normal piece of tape. Getting better grades has never been so simple; storing notes has never been more straightforward or easy.

Replacing Note Sheets
There are various ways to replace the note sheets within the pen. The first way to store notes in the pen is to write directly on to the roll-out note paper. The next way to add notes to the note sheet is to use a pen to write the notes initially and when a new note needs to be added, acetone can be used to wipe off the ink, this method allows for the reuse of the same sheet for a few notes until it deteriorates beyond use. The last way to add notes to the roll-out note sheet is to just stick an existing note directly onto the roll-out paper. However, the most common way people add notes, is by replacing the roll out note sheet with a new one. This powerful writing utensil is available for a very affordable price at cheatingpen.com. This pen is a novelty device, it is not actually meant to help people cheat, despite the name.

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