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As per the Statistics, the Hair loss and thinning has been reported as common complaints by millions of people from all over the world.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- As per the Statistics, the Hair loss and thinning has been reported as common complaints by millions of people from all over the world. This symptom has been found to be the result of the genetic conditions and the best way to predict hair loss possibilities is by checking the genes of an individual. It has been analyzed as the common issue for men to lose hair due to the Dihydrotestosterone Hormone. Experts suggest that DHT enters their bodies, it causes the hair follicles to begin thinning. As a result, the scalp is unable to produce new hair and replace the ones that are falling. The higher the amount of DHT inside the body, the greater is the hair loss. Male hair loss commences with receding hair line or bald spot appearing in the top of their heads.

As per the Latest Research, women hair loss generally does not follow any pattern. Many women experience gradual hair thinning from all over their heads. Only a few women suffer from hair loss at younger ages and complaints often begin when menopause occurs. Long flowing hair is considered important for people to appear beautiful and thinning hair can cause stress and anxiety, which further aggravates the condition. Many people look for different products and remedies to cure their hair loss problems. Most of these are ineffective; however, an effective solution is Provillus that is specially made for treating hair loss.

Experts suggest that Most of the products contain minoxidil that is effective for hair regrowth and slowing down the hair loss. A large majority of these hair loss treatment products is available Over-The-Counter at the drug stores. Provillus also comprises Minoxidil along with an additional ingredient Azelaic Acid that enhances the repairing process of damaged hair follicles. Sources reveal another important difference of this product that it cannot be purchased Over-The-Counter. Many treatment products are either available as topical applications or ingestible capsules. However, this product uses both the techniques to provide better results after regular use.

As per the reports, almost all users, who provide a Provillus review, state its various advantages and exceptional results in curtailing hair loss. It is a natural supplement that is beneficial in blocking DHT entering the body. In addition to the above two ingredients, this product comprises Vitamin B6, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, and Biotin, which prevents hair loss while thickening the growth. The ingredients used to manufacture this hair loss treatment product are approved by the FDA providing more reliability to its use and benefits. In case you are unsatisfied with the results, you can get a refund, which reduces the risk of testing its effectiveness for your problems.

The Product Analysis by the Experts revealed it as the genuine product with its Official Website providing all the details about the available options and the company. The website is the only place where buyers can receive discreet shipping and billing options along with trusted and Certified InsureShip Merchant. Moreover, special deals and discount on this product are only available at the Official Website. The result of this product varies from one person to another and is determined by numerous factors, such as adherence to the usage directions, regular exercising, and dietary habits. Provillus review clearly states that patience is required when you commence using this product for reversing the hair loss.

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Provillus Overview provides all information about Provillus and Hair regrowth treatment. Provillus is a natural treatment to prevent DHT entering the body, which effectively helps reverse and slow down the hair loss process. The ingredients comprised in this product are approved by the FDA.

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