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Diamond Bar, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Setting up a business is a challenging affair as there are so many factors that go into the mix and not a lot of manpower taking care of the tasks. So, a one man team is essentially what goes into fueling a startup. That said there is the desperate need for professional help on setting up the business as every step is linked with considerable amount of investment. To help startups iron out the kinks and to have a successful launch, MTPYE workshop is here to extend the helping hand.

What this workshop will do is very specialised. It will help new businesses maneuver through the trademark obtaining process without wasting a great deal of resources. In addition to that,the workshop will also help customers obtain information on how to get business license and also network with other investors who would be interested in taking the business to the next level.

The workshop offers businesses especially, those with limited resources to get to the next stage in developing the business and ensuring it achieves a level of sustainability that is key to ensuring the longevity of the business. The MTPYE workshop which will be launched at the end of this monthwill help businesses kick start their efforts and also educate those new to the area get ample information on trademark and business license.

MTPYE stands for My Trials Prevent Your Errors, it is a name that is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. The workshop which is due to launch end of June aims to help new companies get the guidance and the direction they need with focus on obtaining business license and trademark. To read more about the MTPYE workshop, log onto http://www.mtpyeworkshop.com/

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