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A Plus Insurance Launches Informational Campaign in Response to Mounting SR22 Tumult

Shortfalls in the system prompted greater efforts to answer drivers' questions regarding SR22, publishes learnandserve.org.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2015 -- As the annual number of calls for license revocations approaches 200,000 in the state of Colorado, the demand for SR22 continues to escalate. While a growing number of area residents are being informed they need this additional element in order to drive legally, few fully understand just what it entails. In light of such mounting confusion, Michael Floyd of A Plus Insurance has launched a campaign to better inform the public on this topic.

Floyd elaborated, "Our staff of independent agents receives quite a few calls for SR22 quotes, but we've also noticed most of these inquiries are accompanied by questions about exactly what it is. We firmly believe those ordered to carry this filing should be better informed about it beforehand, but there's definitely a shortfall in this regard. Seeing that gap in the system prompted us to launch our informational campaign."

A license suspension or revocation can be generated by a number of issues. Among the most common of those are unpaid speeding tickets, repetitive traffic violations, failure to appear in court, DUI charges, lack of insurance coverage and delinquent child support payments. Once this occurs, a judge may order an SR22 filing to be completed before granting a restricted license or postponing suspension. Contrary to the common misconception, this is not an actual insurance policy.

As explained at http://www.learnandserve.org/sr22-insurance-sc/, this is a written certificate from an insurance provider confirming a particular policy is active and must be held in conjunction with valid coverage. Should the policy lapse, the carrier will inform the state, and the person in question will have his driving privileges withdrawn. Those who are required to carry SR22 yet do not own a vehicle may be able to purchase an insurance policy covering themselves rather than a specific automobile.

Concluded Floyd, "Not all carriers offer non-owner policies, and fees associated with SR22 tend to vary by driver, insurance provider and unique circumstances surrounding the need for certification. Our independent agents have access to a wide range of providers. They can help clients find the lowest possible rates as well as answer any questions callers may have on an individual basis. We encourage anyone needing traditional coverage, SR22 or a combination of the two to visit our website, http://www.learnandserve.org, to speak with one of our representatives."

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