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A Political Horror Story: New Book Examines Political Facets of the 'Zombie Apocalypse'.

Ian McClellan’s new humorous novel fuses the fictional world of zombies with the real-life troubles of a politically stagnant nation.


Port Charlotte, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2012 -- It’s 2012; the year when America engrosses the world with the most iconic General Election of a generation. In Ian McClellan’s parallel world of political fiction, it’s also the year in which a Zombie apocalypse threatens the entire planet. Fusing both themes into one perfectly humorous adventure, McClellan today announces the release of ‘Zombie/Apocalypse 2012: A Political Horror Story’.

Official Synopsis:

Zombie/Apocalypse 2012: A Political Horror Story is a zombie tale with a political background story- not from a left or right minded perspective, but from that of an average American who feels left behind by the system. It is the tale of a regular guy- an unemployed factory worker- in the first days of the end of the world, a time in which the ways of doing things have become muddled between pre and post apocalypse.

It may not be too late to save humanity, but any progress that is made gets sidetracked by the failings of the media and politicians, religious fanatics, left-wing zealots, right-wing zealots, political correctness, and bureaucracy. Will divisiveness and the failed policies of our past doom us in the future? Yes, but at least there will be some laughs along the way.

As McClellan explains, the book offers an alternative insight into the state of today’s politics.

“My book is a funny and entertaining look at the politics of the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully, it can get people asking why politicians keep fighting each other instead of doing something for the American people, and why the media keep asking all the wrong questions,” he says.

Since its release, the book has garnered consistent five-star reviews, with readers demanding another installment to coincide with November’s election.

“I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good zombie story. There's a good bit of political commentary mixed in (not partisan, everyone gets a few jabs), a nod to Stephen King near the end, and a quiet monster-within theme running underneath,” says Champ, reviewing the book for Amazon.com.

Another reader, A. Wilson, was equally as impressed.

“It had some pretty funny examples of government bureaucracy exacerbating the end of the world, and had an unexpected and oddly fitting ending!” he wrote.

With its remarkably timely premise, McClellan hopes that his book can bring some light-hearted relief to a U.S political battle that is growing more heated by the day.

“It’s a big year for America. However, my book proves that it would be an even bigger year if Zombies took a hold of our future. With all of the ferocity from the left and the right – nothing is as bad as a bunch of mindless abominations threatening to end all of our lives!” he concludes.

Zombie/Apocalypse 2012: A Political Horror Story, published by CreateSpace, is available now from Amazon.com.

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://politicalhorrorstory.weebly.com/

His progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

About Ian McClellan
Ian McClellan was born in a small harbor town in southwest Ireland, moving to New York aged thirteen. Currently, Ian lives in Florida along with his trusty dogs, where he drives a truck for a living.