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A Pug Named Doug: Mischievous & Lovable Dog Takes on the World in Enchanting New Rhyming Children's Book

Melding stunning illustrations with rhymes designed to help young readers develop their language skills, ‘A Pug Named Doug’ is grabbing the attention of readers from coast to coast. Sharing the exploits and musings of Doug the Pug, the book proves that it really is a dog’s life!


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- From their curious faces to their ability to always find fun in every situation – dogs never fail to amuse and delight their human pals. One lovable dog is on top form in ‘A Pug Named Doug’, a new children’s book by author Yvonne Sidell.

Doug’s story is one of mischief, amusement and adventure – told through masterfully crafted rhymes and illustrations that will captivate every child. In Doug’s life, just about anything is pawssible.

Puppy is as Puppy does!
And a full day is just not enough time for A Pug Named Doug!
Seeing is believing in this wonderfully illustrated book as young readers follow Doug on his journey to witness all the funny things a puppy can get into – whether it’s indoors or outdoors, mischievous Doug delightfully takes on the world (right down to naptime cuddles).
Ohhhhh Doug!

“I diligently designed the book with a flow that makes the language applicable to not only toddlers, but also three to four year-olds who are starting to read and understand sentence structure. This could be a very valuable resource for schools,” says Sidell.

Continuing, “It’s tough to demonstrate the connections between words to those just starting to read, but rhyme eliminates a lot of the difficulty. Therefore, the entire story is told through rhyming format. Each word was also chosen for its ability to make children sit up and listen; that is where Doug comes in for everyone to join the fun!”

Sidell’s hard work has paid off. Since its release, the story of Doug has garnered rave reviews.

“This is such an adorable children's book about a little dog, who is a pug, and who happens to be named Doug. The rhyming is cute, and so are the colorful illustrations. I read the book to my nephew and I was delighted to see him squeal with joy whenever I turned the page and Doug showed up. He really enjoyed the story and the pictures. I recommend this book for small children---it's perfect to read for a bedtime story,” says Amelia Wallace.

Michael Delaware adds, “This was an entertaining story, and it will appeal to children who are just beginning to read. It is beautifully illustrated, and there is a lot of fun visual eye-candy to keep children interested page after page. It also makes pet ownership fun for kids, which I like as well. Worth reading as a starter book! Quite enjoyable!”

Kristy Benton, a dog owner, can vouch for the book’s links to the real world. “A very sweet story about a little pug named Doug. I am a pet owner of two dogs and this captures a day in the life of a dog very nicely. I loved the illustrations and how the author rhymed the entire book. I thought it was very entertaining and definitely a wonderful book for young children. I am going to recommend this book to my friends with young kids. Wonderful job writing such a creative and sweet book.”

‘A Pug Named Doug’, published by Read Publishing, is available now: http://bit.ly/1egB4yC.

About Yvonne Sidell
Yvonne Sidell lives in Northern California and in her spare time, joyfully tells stories about Doug to young fans in bookstores and schools. She has two other books for children forthcoming in 2014.