Intelligent Hangers

A Quantum Leap for Closets: Intelligent Hangers Save Time and Money

Newly designed smart hangers may help save the planet while preserving the worlds fresh water resources.


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- Is it time to toss out all your clothes hangers? David Kirkwood thinks so. "The hangers in our closets aren't much different than the first shoulder-shaped wire hangers that were invented in 1869," Kirkwood says, "and we've learned to just live with one of their inherent deficiencies. We own cars that inform us when they're low on fuel, smart phones that tell us who is calling and when we have a lunch appointment, and TVs that tell us what channel we're viewing. But our clothes hangers can't tell us anything."

And what might we want our clothes hangers to tell us, skeptics ask?

"Who doesn't wear some of their clothing, like jeans, sweaters and suits, more than once between launderings or dry cleanings?" Kirkwood asks. "But once you've re-hung worn clothing back on the hangers in your closet, what differentiates it from freshly-laundered (or freshly dry cleaned) clothes?"

And that is where the problems begin according to Kirkwood, a native of Pittsburgh. "Some clothing might appear clean, but it's really overdue to be laundered. Perhaps you intend to launder a dress after every two wearings, but you could inadvertently be wearing it many more times. And how do you remember how many times you've worn occasional formal wear since it was last dry cleaned?"

"To avoid this universal problem," Kirkwood says, "some people needlessly launder everything after just one wearing, which wastes their time and money. Others resort to 'the smell test' on laundry day."

So Kirkwood has invented a clothes hanger that solves those problems. "Intelligent Hangers keep track of wearings between washings and dry cleanings. They end all the uncertainty, and for people who currently over-wash their clothing, which is most of us, they save time and money. For people who currently under-wash their clothing, they can save embarrassment."

Kirkwood's Intelligent Hangers are currently featured on the popular crowdfunding website, Kirkwood is hoping to raise funding for an initial manufacturing run, which will be distributed among his Kickstarter backers. "People are waking up to the fact that there is a more intelligent way to hang their clothing, and we're about halfway to our funding goal," Kirkwood says. "Yesterday we gained a backer all the way from Denmark, and a potential backer from Australia is asking me about shipping costs to his country."

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