The Hearing Fix

A Revolutionary Hearing Loss Treatment, the Hearing Fix Offers 110% Money Back Guarantee


Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- The Hearing Fix, a hearing loss treatment which restores ones natural hearing abilities, is so confident that their product will show improvements for the hearing impaired that they are offering a 110% money back guarantee. The Hearing Fix has become a revolutionary hearing loss treatment since it is one of the first to provide a scientifically engineered product that will directly improve nerve communication between the ears and the brain. The company is dedicated in providing treatments for the hearing impaired and also publishes extensive information on possible treatments for hearing loss.

The media spokesperson of The Hearing Fix, Mr. Stanley Jones, quoted on the latest product, “The fact that The Hearing Fix can improve hearing internally via optimizing the nerve function has changed the way many people think, including prestigious doctors who have been researching on treatments for the hearing impaired. The Hearing Fix improves the transfer of sounds from the ear to the brain; however our product even provides hearing loss protection to avoid any further damages. We have seen great results from our innovative Hearing Loss Treatment. The Hearing Fix can help improve nearly all types of hearing provlems. Even though we are certain that our product will improve a person’s hearing it is still advised to see the doctor first before using our treatment.”

According to the company, The Hearing Fix has been effective for people suffering from both Conductive and Sensorineural hearing loss. The company further elaborates that Conductive Hearing Loss is due to the mobile portions of the ear and is the most common type of hearing impairment especially amongst children and Sensorineural Hearing Loss is due to the damage in the inner ear nerves. Conductive hearing loss can often be treated by using hearing devices, but sensorineural hearing loss treatment is much more complicated and The Hearing Fix is one simplified treatment for those suffering from this type of hearing loss, states the company.

The company has also provided information on various type of hearing loss and their comparable treatments. The company’s states that their true intention is to provide assistance to the hearing impaired in every possible way. The company also informs that The Hearing Fix has been manufactured in an FDA inspected facility, and has been carefully manufactured to provide the best results.

Mr. Jones further quoted on the money-back guarantee, “Even though we are providing a 110% money back guarantee, we understand that those with hearing loss are not worried about the money but are concerned if the various treatments will actually give improved results. Our treatment was created after rigorous efforts and finally we have managed to come up with a product that is flawless in our eyes. In order to display our confidence we came up with the 110% money-back guarantee. We are hoping that people with hearing problems will try our product and will advice it further.”

About The Hearing Fix
The Hearing Fix is a hearing loss treatment that is scientifically engineered to help restore ones natural hearing abilities. Through their online platform,, information on the hearing fix, types of hearing loss, stem cell treatment and various material for the hearing impaired can be viewed. The company is known for being one of the most effective treatments for almost all types of hearing impairment.

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