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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2014 -- There are many entrepreneurs who fail with their online businesses and affiliate programs. There may be many reasons contributing to the same such as lack of information or overloaded information, no proper support system, high pricing, buying various products at the same time, ineffective time management, etc. There needs to be a system which can truly overcome the issues and hindrances. IPAS 2 System or the Internet Prospect Acceleration System is one of those powerful marketing systems that have been created online. The system is an all-in-one platform for online businesses that is designed to do all the marketing activities on behalf of the marketers.

The system is built on three basic principles that every business requires which are system, leverage and automation. This platform helps marketers save time, money and effort. The system gives the leverage of building an extremely successful system. And the automation feature helps in business growth and maximizing the results. The IPAS 2 Marketing System comes with a variety of features. The Funded Proposal System is an extremely unique feature which pays 70% on all the front end sales. It helps entrepreneurs earn money from the smallest sales and the same can be used for advertising. The design and functionality of the system aim at offering optimal conversions.

The system also comes with a practical campaign tracker which allows users to track their advertising campaign. All the products of Empower Network are consolidated into 3 packages to simplify the purchasing process. The video mentioned in the link below offers true examples of individuals earning great money by simply using the system. Many individuals are now financially free and own successful online home businesses. For those who want to be one of them just needs to be a member of the system and enroll for the Training Video by Chris on the Internet Success Formula that too at a whopping 90% discount available for a very limited period only. This system is a real shortcut for making money online with home businesses.

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The IPAS 2 System is a proven business platform designed by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell who are some of the most successful entrepreneurs. The system was designed with an aim to build a sales funnel that converts leads into customers at the highest rate than any other system or marketing model.

Website: http://www.workwithgeoff.com/