A Rise in Finance Jobseekers in London in Q3


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2022 -- [Trend topics]. Finance recruitment received a boost in Q3 in London with a significant jump in the number of job seekers looking for positions in this market. Figures showed a 14% increase, on a quarterly basis, in the volume of jobseekers looking for finance roles - and a 28% rise in the statistics when compared to the same period in 2021. The number of those actively seeking out new jobs in finance is the highest it has been since 2017. There could be a myriad of different reasons for this spike, including the cost of living crisis causing many people to rethink what is acceptable in terms of baseline salary and benefits. Companies that have been unwilling to review these figures in the light of inflation have seen employees head for the door. Many jobseekers have also taken the opportunity to find new positions that reflect their own - newly evolved - attitudes and expectations when it comes to work life balance and job satisfaction.

However, not every area of finance recruitment has experienced the same expansion in recent months. The figures for the number of jobs available in the sector in the same time period as the rise in jobseekers actually show a fall in positions. As more and more jobseekers have entered the market, the available options have decreased by 30% in Q3 in London. Despite the dramatic appearance of the figures they are not unexpected, with many pointing to the natural slowdown in hiring that tends to occur over the summer, especially as 2022 was the first year that overseas travel returned to full capacity since the start of the pandemic. A turbulent economic situation has also had a major impact, as did the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which caused many organisations to put processes - such as finance recruitment - on hold to mark a period of mourning. Among other changes to note in finance recruitment was a 20% average salary change for those in finance jobs moving to a different role.

[How the company does something relevant to the topic]. Leathwaite was founded in 1999 and has weathered a number of storms in the intervening years, supporting clients on a global basis and remaining the world's leading executive search firm for corporate functions. Key to this has been the focus on agility and being able to adapt and be responsive to changing conditions. The firm has developed a culture of collaboration, distinctiveness and humility and stayed true to its core value, which is: to create meaningful change through exceptional people. The current conditions may be challenging, for both jobseekers and businesses, but it's through people that resilience and positive change can occur. This is a perspective that has not only fuelled performance at the firm but also ensured very low staff turnover and a track record of significant growth.

[How the company carries out the particular service/product]. Leathwaite has 20+ years experience in partnering with leaders to support effective finance recruitment of the best, and most diverse, talent. The team has expertise across a broad spectrum of finance recruitment that includes corporate and transaction banking, as well as insurance and insuretech, asset and wealth management and roles in FinTech and payments. Private equity has been another key area of finance recruitment growth, with Leathwaite being able to provide award-winning support in an ultra competitive market so that businesses have access to the best possible leadership and all the value that can create going forward. However, the reality is that finance recruitment is a priority for any organisation today, simply because of the huge impact that having the right leader in a role such as CFO can make - it's not just financial services companies that benefit from this. The team at Leathwaite has a deep understanding of what an effective financial officer looks like, as well as how that varies by industry and organisation. Successful finance recruitment requires an extensive network of global connections, something that the firm has been able to cultivate since it was first established in 1999 - locations today including Dallas, Hong Kong, London, New York, Toronto, Singapore, Zurich.

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