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A Rollicking Read: Rascals in Paradise Combines Vivid Imagery with Laugh-out-Loud Story for Kids and Parents Alike


Warren, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Children, meet Saul and Silas. Saul (a vulture) and Silas (an alligator) live on a lush tropical island, with the sun beaming from the sky and the waters warm and plentiful. Sounds wonderful, of course - but there’s one problem: Saul and Silas just can't stop squabbling.

In ‘Rascals in Paradise’, the debut children’s book from The Great Raconteur, published by Energy Promulgate Publications, Silas has a problem – and no one will help him. Not Saul, not Miss Mathis and certainly not Uncle. What’s an alligator to do?

Kids will adore the vibrant illustrations, the talking animals and the simple silliness of the story, while parents will appreciate the artistry behind the realistic imagery and the sly, wry humor.

Official Synopsis:

The story revolves around a vulture (Saul) and an alligator (Silas) that live on an island filled with other individuals whose character shortcomings perpetuate friction and dispute.

Silas has a seemingly trivial problem that he can't solve alone, yet he can't realize an immediate remedy due to his own character flaw, which leads to more foolishness.

For the author, the importance of his book is in its innate hilarity, at a time when children and parents need to laugh more than ever.

“When it comes to art, it’s all subjective, but my story does aim to make people laugh and smile, and I believe that’s always a good thing,” says The Great Raconteur. “It's been said that a cheerful heart is a good medicine, and in that light I think Rascals in Paradise is a vital contribution to children’s lit.”

Continuing: “Not to mention, it’s ‘clean’ even in its offbeat humor, so caregivers and teachers can feel comfortable sharing it with any age group, and the look and feel of the story is so different from an aesthetic point of view, that they add another dimension to the storytelling. Best of all, it’s just plain fun – and I think we could all use a little bit of that!”

‘Rascals in Paradise’, published by Energy Promulgate Publications, can be purchased from the official website.

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