A School Teacher Loses It Once and for All

Gregory L. Gomez has found the secret to losing weight quickly and decided to tell others how they can shed those unwanted pounds as well.


Montebello, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- Gregory L. Gomez has reached out to help individuals throughout the world learn how to lose weight in a healthy, all-natural manner. Mr. Gomez is a 13 year veteran Los Angeles Unified School District educator. A little over a year ago, he was 100 pounds overweight and wanted to do something about it. He developed healthy eating habits and a routine exercise schedule and lost over 40 pounds and 12.1% in body fat.

As with any weight loss routine, there were hills that needed to be climbed in order to shed those unwanted pounds and that is what makes such a resourceful site. By following the site, which is packed full of free videos and articles on losing weight the right way, individuals will be able to jump over those weight loss woes. is currently offering a free monthly Healthy Choices newsletter. This newsletter will come with a Healthy Eating eBook as well as a 7 step weight loss email series. The Newsletter, eBook and weight loss series has received a large amount of positive feedback from readers.

Gregory stated “When I decided I wanted to lose weight, I had to eliminate the unhealthy items, such as potato chips, soda and ice cream from my kitchen. In exchange, I stocked my kitchen with healthy fruits, vegetables and delicious lean meats. Maintaining a healthy nutrition starts in the kitchen, not with the pizza delivery man or at a take-out menu. It is also important that individuals do not overeat. Many forget the fact that they can gain weight by eating a large amount of healthy food. Eating healthy to lose weight is a must.”

Once the kitchen is stocked full of healthy food, the next step involves regular exercise. Take note that regular exercise can consist of walking around the neighbourhood on a daily basis. For the first three months, Mr. Gomez walked his dogs for 15 minutes, then gradually extended his time to up to 2 hours.

When an individual is overweight, they are more at risk of various health conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart problems. Gregory doesn’t mind telling individuals what they can do in order to get in shape.

About HealthyChoicesInLife is all about helping individuals lose weight. The site is packed full of resourceful articles and videos. They also offer a free Healthy Eating eBook, Healthy Choices Newsletter and an award winning 7 part weight loss series.

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