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A+ SEO Search Engine Marketing Announces Possibly-Unprecedented Guarantee

Company guarantees customers top-10 search rankings in six months or less, reports A+ SEO Search Engine Marketing


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2014 -- One of the things that has always plagued the search engine optimization (SEO) industry is a lack of guarantees. SEO companies may think it makes sense to refuse to offer a solid guarantee because it's impossible to predict exactly what Google is going to do, but for customers, this lack of assurance is often a deal-killer. Now, A+ SEO Search Engine Marketing is bridging the gap between market demands and what can really be done. It actually guarantees that clients will gain ranks within the top 10 in Google by the time six months have passed.

"This guarantee is almost unheard of in the SEO industry," said Haiming Jiang of aplus. "Usually, if a firm promises top rankings, it turns out that they're really talking about PPC - pay-per-click. The problem is, pay-per-click models force the client to pay for every single click. With a top organic ranking, there is no such requirement. This makes the ROI on a good organic ranking excellent even when top-tier SEO services are used to obtain it."

An even more outstanding factor is that A+ guarantees top results for any keyword the client chooses. Since some keywords and phrases have been described by certain SEO practitioners as "impossible," this is a quite shocking promise to make. Yet, A+ says that if it fails to obtain top ranks for any keyword within six months, it will continue working on the project for free until those ranks are delivered.

A+ SEO Search Engine Marketing also makes no bones about exactly which search engine it's talking about. Google is the target of its efforts, and this makes sense considering that Google is the world's biggest search engine. "A top ranking in one of the other engines will bring only a fraction of the traffic of a decent ranking in Google," Jiang said. "Therefore, almost everyone wants to start off by targeting the giant, and considers listings in other engines to be like mere consolation prizes."

In today's online world, getting top rankings isn't the only thing a business needs to consider. Reputation management is another important issue. This used to entail no more than making a bunch of positive or neutral pages and using them to shove bad reviews down in the rankings, but now, that's just one way to go about it.

Haiming Jiang recommends that business owners also take a proactive approach to addressing negative reviews in a public way.

"By responding to public complaints in a professional and helpful way, businesses can make themselves look attentive and actually come out ahead," Jiang said.

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