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A Single Mother: A Few Perspectives- Mary Elizabeth Jones M.A Releases Life-Changing Book for Single Parents.

As a former single mother, Mary Elizabeth Jones M.A met the struggles of surviving single parenthood head-on. Having compiled years of invaluable advice, Jones is releasing her writings in the form of a survival guide for those who are learning how to go at it alone.


Kent, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- With the number of single parents on the rise, millions of adults and younger parents face the daunting prospect of learning how to survive without help. While many are left to struggle and fend for themselves, a compelling new book by a former single mother could be the solace and survival guide they are looking for.

In fact, Mary Elizabeth Jones’ ‘A Single Mother: A Few Perspectives’ could be the only book they need to fruitfully adapt to and flourish during single parenthood.


This incredible self-help book uses valuable strategies to assist single parents in maximizing their time, energy, and resources so they can make the most of their lives for themselves and their children.

As the author explains, she has written the book she wishes someone had handed to her.

“I had to learn all about single parenthood myself. This was a huge learning curve and I made more mistakes that I care to admit along the way,” says Jones.

Continuing, “So, I wrote everything I learned down and released it to the benefit of other single parents. It isn’t a complete guide to life, but covers some of the common dilemmas or challenges single parents face and is occupied with a resource tool.”

It would appear the advice is resonating with parents across the country.

“You can clearly tell that the author is not only a parent but an experienced professional by reading this book. This gives her the ability to empathize because she's been in these situations herself. The book gives you extremely helpful advice that is not only important as a parent but very important for the child,” says one reader who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reviewer, name not mentioned for privacy purposes was equally as impressed. She said that, “The book focuses on inspiring single parents to move on a path that is good for them and not for others. This book can be read over and over for those trying and challenging times. Parenting does not come with a guidebook, but maybe this can be the one.”

With sales increasing and further growing demand expected, interested readers are urged to purchase a copy of the book before it’s too late.

‘A Single Mother: A Few Perspectives’, published by CreateSpace, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/Vay9uU

About Mary Elizabeth Jones
Mary Elizabeth Jones used her experience in overcoming the adversity of single motherhood to look at the positives in the experience and share them with others. She has a Master’s in Business from Liberty University and a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies from Kent State University. Her goal is to use her experience and insights to the benefit of single parents of all ages and to change the sometimes negative perception of single parenthood.