A Site About the Stories of the Greatest Business Ideas Ever Has Just Been Launched


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- is a brand new site, where you can read the stories of some of the most glorious companies and entrepreneurs of all times. The site is driven by a team of online entrepreneurs, who just adore writing about business and success. According to them, learning from the experience of the most successful is a crucial thing for every starting entrepreneur.

'We have always had the idea about building a site about the biggest ideas in business. Recently we decided to do it! Being entrepreneurs ourselves, this site became really beneficial for us, too. We learned a lot from researching the success of the others and we believe we can help other business starters too.'

The website's main purpose is to provide comprehensive and crucial information about the start of the biggest businesses on Earth. You can read about the stories of companies like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. and how they were started and developed. What the difficulties they came across were and many other useful stuff. These brands are super successful and a lot can be learned from their experience. The site is also full of other articles, which can give you some good tips and advice about how a new business can be started, different and innovative ways of financing new ventures and things like that.

Part of earning money through utilizing the Internet is learning from others, and there is no better way to learn than follow the multi-million entrepreneurs who have already made it. One of Business Ideas Lab's latest posts, “Jim Rogers – History” goes on to explain how Jim Rogers became an entrepreneur, how he made huge stacks of money and what happened along the way. Just by following the posts, consumers will be able to get a realistic idea of what's needed to become successful when launching a business. In addition to publishing stories on individuals, Business Ideas Lab also follows successful companies and how they became successful. From marketing to developing new products, Business Ideas Lab aims to cover all aspects of successful businesses to help others learn from them.

The site has already published the stories of more than 100 big companies and entrepreneurs and its database keeps growing rapidly. Every reader is able to request a topic to be written for him, or can send his/her publication to the moderators of the site.

So if you have been wondering how the most successful entrepreneurs did it, a good place to go is:

The site was started by a group of young guys, for whom writing and exploring successful businesses has become a very pleasant hobby. Having been trying to become big entrepreneurs themselves, the site's founders have come to the conclusion, that the experience of the big names in business is a must. This is why they developed the site, so anyone can take advantage of it. Their first milestone is to publish the stories of the top 500 businesses ever.

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