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Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- There is not better time of the year than Christmas season. It is a season when festive mood is high in the air and everyone is rejoicing. For those who have been thinking all year about spending quality time with the family, there is no better time than Christmas. Putting up Christmas decorations around the house is the best form of activity where everyone in the house is excited to be involved. "The idea of turning your house into magical Christmas land will surely get everyone excited but without proper planning, the ending may not always be a happy one", says Karla, who over the years, has seen team works in the family falling apart just because of the lack of proper coordination.

Through her recently launched blog, ElegantChristmasDecorations.Org, Karla shares experiences from her past successful Christmas decoration projects and how one can make the necessary planning before getting started. She has a simple wish of seeing less project failing and hearing more merry stories from homeowners.

Karla, blog author of ElegantChristmasDecorations.Org, spent 15 years of her life working for one of the big corporates. It was only recently that she finally summoned enough gut to call it quit. "As it was a life-changing decision, I took a while to deliberate over it and I believe it is never to late", says Karla. Inspired by real-life runaway hit stories such as 'Julie and Julia', Karla decided to pursue her lifelong passion in home decorations.

Since Christmas is on the horizon and holiday decorations have always been a big part of American family tradition, the focus on Christmas decorations will be intense. "If it is your first time decorating for the holiday, it is really fun but as you do it year after year, it takes real ingenuinity to keep the thrill going", added Karla.

No doubt that every year, we will see stunning and spectacular Christmas decorations. However, behind every spectacular creation, there are probably dozens of failure or less than mediocre ones. Based on what she discovered over the years, every holiday decoration project starts on high note but many end up in disappointment with some even left half-baked. According to Karla, the reason for this is not because of the lack of creativity or capability, but it is the lack of coordination instead.

In her blog, Karla reiterated the importance of planning before one start jumping into getting their hands dirty immediately. "It doesn't have to be very detailed but a grand theme is needed at the very least", says Karla. For example, if gold is picked as the theme and everyone in the family is informed well in advance, they will look out for gold ornaments every time they are out shopping and they will avoid buying ornaments that do not blend in to the base theme.

In decorating for the holiday season, the possibilities are endless. Contrary to the popular perception that arts and creativity thrives when no limit is imposed, a choreographed plan is needed rather than leaving imagination to each of the family member. One good way to get everyone to chip in is to rotate this responsibility every year. In this way, everyone will have their turn and the ingenuinity and creative touch does not have to come from the same person every time.

A home that is beautifully decorated, loved by everyone in the family and ready to impress every guest and neighbor is the ideal goal that every homeowner wants to achieve. By sharing useful guides and tips accumulated over many years in decorating her own home through her blog, ElegantChristmasDecorations.Org, Karla wants to see more merry stories from homeowners.

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ElegantChristmasDecorations.Org is a blog dedicated to every American family who desires to create beautiful home decorations for the holiday season. As someone with deep passion for beautiful things and decorations, Karla shares useful guides and planning tips that will be useful for homeowners to make their holiday decoration project a success.

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