A Smart Compact Food Scanner Proscan Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Innovative Tool to Market


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2014 -- Proscan represents a remarkable breakthrough in technology that can be used to help people become more healthy. A compact device that displays dietary information of items scanned, it's a clear way to cut through misinformation and make more informed grocery shopping choices. The company recently announced they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to bring the product to market.

It's a sad truth that many of the labels of food items in grocery stores and supermarkets are difficult to read and decipher, and some even contain flagrant misrepresentations of their content. For a person concerned about their health and diet this approaches being completely unacceptable. Fortunately, the new company Proscan has developed an elegant solution to this problem – the Proscan compact food scanner. The hand held scanner acts as a “personal food composition analyzer” helping users make more effective eating habit and grocery shopping choices. The company has recently announced they will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring this unique tool to market.

“Proscan couldn't be more timely and it's a project we feel very, very passionate about,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “With food labels being more and more cryptic and even dishonest, Proscan offers a way for users to be sure they are eating something healthy and not with hidden additives that could be harmful. We're sure our coming crowdfunding campaign is going to be a huge success. There's nothing comparable to Proscan available today.”

According to the company, some of the details provide by a Proscan scan of a food item include: it's energy breakdown; it's carbohydrate count; fat count; grams of protein; how much cholesterol it contains; and the amount of dietary fiber in a serving. Clearly, all of this can combine to offer very real benefits for a person striving to eat more healthy.

Using the Proscan device is simple. The food item is placed on the active surface of the Proscan and information is shared in seconds.

The company will soon announce details of their crowdfunding campaign on


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