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A South Carolina Bill Could Place Tax on Electronic Cigarettes


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- South Carolina passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow the state to tax electronic cigarettes. Although the bill passed, supporters have acknowledged that it has a small chance of becoming a law this year. Optima Cigs is one of many electronic cigarette companies that offer smokers an alternative to traditional tobacco and who would be affected by the law.

A subcommittee has also sent a proposal to begin a debate on how to handle the new electronic cigarette technology. The proposal would add a 5 cent-per-milliliter tax to the liquid-nicotine mixture used in e-Cigs. The tax would not be able to surpass 10 percent of the state’s tax on a pack of traditional cigarettes.

“South Carolina should wait and let the new technology settle down before taking action. After all, no other US state has a tax dedicated solely to e-Cigs,” said a representative from Optima Cigs.

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