A Spring Branch Texas Dentist - Jairo Chavez Is Giving His Patients a Head Start in Life


Spring Branch, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- A lack of self-confidence due to an unattractive or crooked smile can torpedo a job candidate’s chance of landing a job, or even block a meeting with someone important to an individual like getting that first date, or being introduced to an influential contact. A bright, confident smile can open doors and hearts. “Like it or not, society tends to judge a book by its cover, said cosmetic dentist, Jairo Chavez. “A smile says a lot about a person’s health, how well they take care of themselves and even affects how old a person looks. Crooked, stained teeth can wreck an individual’s self-confidence. A beautiful, healthy smile is a universal language that says ‘I’m confident’, ‘I’m happy to meet you’, ‘it’s great to see you’ or ‘I’m pleased to be here’ to the person on the receiving end of that smile.”

People who are self-conscious about their smile can send the wrong message by covering their mouth or trying to keeping their mouth closed when they smile. The smile can seem to be laughing at the other person or sending a message of insincerity or sarcasm, and give the wrong message to the other person. “Peer pressure is also a factor at play here,” reported Invisalign Specialist Dr. Chavez, “People can sometimes be incredibly cruel when their competitive nature kicks in, and laughing at someone or making taunting, disparaging remarks is commonplace from the playground to the board room, further undermining the other’s self-confidence.”

“Dentistry is so much more than cleaning teeth and fixing cavities, said Dr. Chavez. “We take responsibility for giving our patients self-confidence and the ability to make a great first impression on people they meet when they smile. The new dental techniques that we use in our office for our patients are simple and vastly improved from the days of ugly metal braces to straighten crooked teeth. The Invisalign clear braces are hardly noticeable and they work fast. Straightening crooked teeth and other cosmetic dentistry techniques have as the main objective, to improve a person’s appearance, but it can have other health benefits as well according to the (AACD) American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, for example improving overall health and emotional well-being.

The first thing many people notice about us is our smiles. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a multitude of procedures from smile teeth whitening to repairing, straightening, replacing or improving the appearance of one’s teeth and smile. Having beautiful healthy teeth and a beautiful smile can give an individual an important head start in life, and that can be accomplished with the help of a cosmetic dentist. “We love doing that for our patients here in Spring Branch, New Braunfels, and North San Antonio Texas.

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