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A Story of Bad: Murder Mystery & Unexpected Love Affair Fuse to Uncover the Truth in Gripping Novel by Edward M. Krauss

Following his family and romance novels Here on Moon and Solomon the Accountant, Krauss hits the literary crime scene with gusto to bring readers a realistic murder mystery. While fictional at its core, A Story Of Bad also gives readers a vital real-world insight into police policies and procedures, the confidentiality quarrels between newspapers and the police, and the struggles faced by Cambodians learning to call America home.


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- While most murder mystery novels focus on the blood-and-guts specifics, A Story Of Bad by Edward M. Krauss offers a unique journey through many of the wider procedural and societal facets of an unexpected death and its consequences.

One could accurately call the book a fusion of fact and fiction. Above all, it’s a narrative guaranteed to keep readers needing only the edge of their seats.


Investigating the murder of the owner of a sportswear factory in Queens, New York, Detective Terry Stans determines that the victim knew his assailant. The dead man’s workers and bereaved family are all suspects. June Replyn, a reporter covering the business side of the fashion world, is assigned to write how a small company survives the death of its inspirational leader. During interviews at the factory June is slipped a note from someone claiming to know the identify of the murderer.

The reporter meets the detective. Stans is stuck. The case is going nowhere, and he believes the fashion writer has a better view inside the company. Terry encourages June to share information with him, hoping fresh eyes will see something he hasn’t. But she doesn’t tell him about the note.

In the midst of his investigating and her reporting they start dating. Their relationship raises questions about confidentiality, loyalty to one’s employer, professional ethics. Both of their bosses caution them about the dangers to their careers raised by this situation. And there they are, in bed.

The tale is designed to intrigue the reader with two intertwining stories, the mystery of the murder and the unexpected love affair. During the course of the novel the reader visits the worlds of police investigations, newspapers and their editorial policies, drug smuggling, and the Cambodian experience in America.

As the author explains, his novel is the result of diligent research.

“I wanted to take readers beyond the actual murder itself. Therefore, I spent a fair amount of time researching newspaper editorial policies, police investigation procedures, the seemingly unstoppable American drug trade and the difficulties faced by Columbian immigrants who are new to our nation. This resulted in a novel that replaces graphic sex and violence with a story, although fiction, that is as real-world as possible."

Continuing, “The novel is resonating especially well with women, who appreciate my intelligent heroine, June, a successful reporter. Everything she experiences could be that of any female reporter in a big city newspaper."

Since its release, the novel has received strongly positive reviews. For example, Midwest Book Review commented:

“The relationship between the police and the media has always been a strange one, but it turning romantic certainly raises some questions. "A Story of Bad" is the tale of a cop and reporter entering into a controversial romance, where they both try to stay loyal to each other and their employers while respecting business ethics and trying to both solve and cover the murder mystery that brought them together in the first place as other chaos erupts all around the them. "A Story of Bad" is a highly recommended and deftly composed mystery and romance blend, for fans of either.”

A Story Of Bad, published by Global Authors Publishing, is available now: gapbook@yahoo.com

About the Author: Edward M. Krauss
Edward M. Krauss is a writer and mediator living in Columbus, Ohio. He is author of three novels: Solomon The Accountant, a gentle love story set in 1950; Here On Moon, a story of deceit, divorce, and recovery, and A Story Of Bad, two stories wound together, a murder mystery and a love story. He is also co-author of On Being The Boss, a book about effective crises management and the U.S. Constitution. Three-minute videos of his novels may be viewed at http://www.edwardmkrauss.com

As a mediator, Mr. Krauss has over nineteen years experience in resolving domestic, truancy, financial, small business, labor and employment conflicts. He has trained many people in mediation skills, including court staffs, social workers, law students, high school students, and prison inmates.