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A Study Reveals Psychology Behind Colors for Marketing & Why Pepsi Paid over $1 Million Dollars for It


Hollywood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2015 -- Using right colors while marketing a new brand or a product is really powerful and can play the crucial role in a marketing campaign.

Colors affect our subconscious mind. They have a power to instantly attract people and choose a product or a brand, thus resulting in the increase of brand recognition and sales.

Major brands like Pepsi spending over $1million dollars for a logo design and most of it goes into color research and focus groups to find the psychological aspect of how certain colors affect consumers.

Michael Sophus from ­ an expert on social media design reveals a short study on the psychology behind most colors that any startup or an entrepreneur can use in creating its marketing material.

Colors can and should be properly used in branding and marketing, especially online and social media. Being aware of psychology behind colors and how they affect consumers is crucial for brands and entrepreneurs.

The study called "Psychology behind Colors" is available for free on CreatAppeal's blog and you can download it here ­

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