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A Study That Will Make a Chain Smoker Choose the E-Cigarette over Traditional Tobacco Cigarette


Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- It is said that a good vaping experience has the contribution of every part of an e-cigarette. A wick, Good collection of e-juice, the best clearomizer tank, the quality coil comprises the key elements of an ideal e-cigarette.

According to the experts of World Health Organization, it was found that e-cigarette can save more than 50,000 lives in the UK. The good news was from the criticals of WHO, who were into the recommendations for curbs on vaping. The vapers and the people around them have some more good news.

The good news is that the e-cigarette emits low toxin as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarette. The argument between the traditional cigarette user and e-cigarette will be a long lasting bout regarding the effects of those cigarettes on an individual's health. An enthusiastic e-cigarette user is least concerned about the arguments and keeps a good knowledge in the effects and parts of an e-cigarette. Being an enthusiast in vaping gives the person an upper-hand to find and assemble the best part in an e-cigarette. An active vaper of an e-cigarette needs a key part to make sure that s/he is never short of the e-juice and the key part is a clearomizer tank. The best clearomizer tank keeps the level of e-juice in check so that the active vaper never falls short of the vaping even in a busy schedule. When the vapers came to know that e-cigarette is free from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which is one of the causes of cancer, they are rushing to the nearest source available to buy the best clearomizer tank and e-juice to make their vaping experience more comforting. Along with many reasons being tobacco-free and smoke-free, smokers are deviating from smoking with one more reason that it is free from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons a chemical substance which can cause cancer.

There are many substances in the traditional cigarettes that has high toxicity. The worst part of this harmful substance is that, if it undergoes the reaction which soothes the smoker, it will produce more harmful output in the form of smoke. Everyone is aware of the harmful effects that a traditional tobacco smoking delivers. The toxic smoke released from the traditional tobacco smoking can cause lung cancer, heart disease, breathing problem, bronchitis, coughing and so on that can make a healthy person's life miserable. A professor of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Prof. Constantinos Sioutas stated from a study he made that the electronic cigarette is less harmful than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. A similar study conducted on the e-cigarettes by the researchers of the University of Southern California found that the toxic substance in the smoke of traditional cigarette makes more impact than that of a normal vapor of e-cigarette. That is one of the key elements that distinguish the e-cigarette from the traditional cigarette. People are gradually getting aware of the functions of e-cigarettes and it is already a part of a lifestyle for many people. They are already on the verge to find the best clearomizer tank and various spare parts to make the vaping a better substitute for tobacco smoking. Those who were chain smokers of tobacco cigarettes are turning to the healthier option of vaping an e-cigarette.

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