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A Survivor's Guide to Successful Aging: Canadian Doctor's New Book Exposes Proven Secrets to Slowing Down Aging. Just Read and Follow

Diligently researched and compiled by Dr. Ray Schilling, ‘A Survivor's Guide to Successful Aging’ cuts through hype and speculation to offer a concrete series of diet and lifestyle changes that can dramatically slow down aging. From the prevention of conditions such as Arthritis and Alzheimer’s through to prolonged vitality and happiness – Dr. Schilling’s action-oriented tips are already being utilized by thousands.


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- While numerous infomercials and online products claim to offer the literal ‘magic pill’ to prolonged health and vitality, those with authority in the medical world know that there’s no panacea to growing old and slowing down. However, Dr. Ray Schilling’s new book does claim to help readers dramatically slow down aging – by replacing pharmaceutical sales pitches with plausible and proven small life changes.

Everything is showcased in ‘A Survivor's Guide to Successful Aging’. The book is the culmination of decades of research and application by the author, who is now making these simple diet and lifestyle changes available to the public in one definitive book.

The power to enjoy better aging is in your hands—and it’s probably simpler than you think. In this easy-to-follow guide, Ray Schilling, MD, shares his straightforward approach to enjoying increased energy, preventing disease, and slowing down that ever-ticking clock.

The secret? A collection of simple diet and lifestyle tips that can fit into just about any routine. You’ll learn to navigate the healthiest parts of the grocery store, get a better night’s sleep, and make quick and nutritious recipes without overworking yourself. Forget trendy fad diets and time-consuming regimens—instead, focus on making the small changes that will result in a healthier, happier you.

“I’m not telling readers that they can pop one pill and grow old with grace. Even though each life change is simple, readers are required to decide how much of it they are willing to implement and work on,” says Dr. Schilling, who moved to Canada from Germany in 1972. “Some of the changes include cutting out sugary and starchy foods and replacing them with complex carbs to prevent hardening of the arteries, implementing a rigid exercise plan (which can prevent 50% of age-related illnesses) and having their hormone levels checked regularly.”

Continuing, “Coupled with relaxation techniques, a life expectancy of 100 to 120 years is not unreasonable. My wife and I are already living by my own advice and, as we grow old, we’re feeling younger than ever.”

Reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, Kirkus commented, “Former physician offers a well-researched, pragmatic approach to healthy aging. Without making unsubstantiated claims, Schilling offers a sensible, realistic overview of how to combat aging. The author integrates the results of numerous research studies into the text to add a sense of impartiality to his recommendations. A focused, compelling argument for making significant lifestyle changes in the later years.”

‘A Survivor's Guide to Successful Aging’ is available now: http://amzn.to/R070vT. For more information, visit the author’s official blog: http://www.askdrray.com.

About Dr. Ray Schilling
Dr. Ray Schilling was born in 1945 in Tübingen, Germany. He grew up in Southwest Germany and returned to his home town to study medicine at the Eberhard-Karls-University Medical School where he graduated in 1971. He wrote his thesis in endocrinology to obtain his M.D. , and published a paper in English in an abridged version in the Acta Endocrinologica . Following his internship in Germany, he immigrated into Canada in 1972. He started a post-doctoral cancer research position at the prestigious Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto from the fall of 1972 onwards until the end of 1975. He published three papers in the area of cell immunology and cell separation methods using a mouse model.

Ray always felt drawn to practicing medicine and to prepare for this he enrolled in a 2 1/2 year family medicine program equivalent (mixed internship program) at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. After the Canadian State Examination (called LMCC) he moved to western Canada to practice family medicine for 16 years in a suburb of Vancouver, B.C. starting in 1978. In 1983 he trained at the University of British Columbia in clinical hypnosis and joined as a member of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He incorporated this knowledge into his general practice and applied it in patients with various disorders.

In 1994 he joined the Worker’s Compensation Board of British Columbia as a medical advisor in occupational health while continuing his clinical work in walk-in-clinics. There he perceived that patients have a need to know more about their medical conditions than the busy general practitioner can communicate to them under the time constraints of modern medical practice. This was the basis for him to write the ‘NetHealthBook’, which is published on the Internet. Since October 2002 Dr. Schilling has been publishing a monthly health newsletter on the Internet under www.askdrray.com, which is now his Blog. An effort is made to summarize research findings that affect our health. This would include new insights into diseases, new treatment modalities and conceptual changes in medicine, all in easy to understand general language.