A Teen Drunk Driving Preventative: Students Against Drunk Driving

It’s a well-known fact that teens drink alcohol when they get the chance to. Unfortunately, some of them drive after having too much to drink, causing fatal traffic accidents or irreparably maiming someone. Parent and school personnel can educate teens about the dangers of drunk driving, but teens often listen to their peers far more than they do to adults. That is why Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) was formed. The following will look at this young adult organization to find out how much, if any, difference it has made since its inception in 1981.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- SADD is an organization of teenagers against drunk driving developed and run by teens, for teens. It is currently known as Students Against Destructive Decisions. The name change was made so the group could address concerns not just around drunk driving, but also dealing with other drug use, impaired driving, or any other destructive behavior. The idea behind the association is to provide teens from all walks of life access to the best possible intervention and prevention tools to encourage safe behavior. The philosophy behind the group is one of teamwork. Teens enlist the aid of other teens to help peers make good, sound decisions, rather than possibly harmful ones. Starting out in one school back in 1981, SADD now has chapters in schools and communities across the country.

Students Against Destructive Decisions has over 350,000 members and is overseen by the ever-growing number of middle school, high school, and colleges. School chapters include student-focused meetings, peer-led groups, media outreach, themed workshops, leadership training, and fundraising events. SADD states that students in schools where there is a chapter of the group are more aware of the dangers and repercussions of drinking alcohol and driving and they have more desire to abstain from imbibing beer, liquor, or wine. They’re overall happier, more academically efficient students, too. While SADD spreads its philosophy and message via its organized events, it is also passed on by word of mouth. Friends of SADD members tend to have the same thoughts about drinking alcohol, and they can effectively alter the number of future alcohol-related misadventures because they can speak in teen-talk to other teens and get the word out about driving under the influence. When a teen joins SADD, he or she must sign a “Contract for Life.” A parent or legal guardian must also sign. The contract encourages open communication between adults and teens about not just alcohol and/or other drug usage, but also about safety issues and solutions.

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