A Template for YouTube's One Channel Layout

One Channel Template makes setting up a banner or channel art on YouTube’s One Channel incredibly easy.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- The new YouTube One Channel Layout is a reality. As of June all channels will have the same layout. Having a One Channel Template that will help when setting up the banner or Channel Art so that the channels will look equally good on all the different devices is an extremely useful tool.

One of the great things about the new YouTube One Channel Layout is that it can be watched not only on computers or laptops but also on tablets and smartphones, as well as smart TV’s. However, because each device has a different screen size, YouTube One Channel channels will look different on each of them. It might look great on the computer, it might even look good on a tablet, but does it look as good on a smartphone? David Walsh, an expert in Video Marketing and Video Editing, said to us ‘‘When you add your links to your channel, whether that is your website or your social media, it is going to cover part of your Channel Art as well.’’

A template that shows which areas are visible on the different devices can prevent content, links, photos from obstructing each other. One Channel Template is a template that shows exactly which areas are covered by what. It is also colour coded to make it even easier to use. There are specific areas marked out to show where links can safely be placed so that Channel Art will not be obstructed. Mr Walsh offers a One Channel Template, which can be found on his YouTube Channel, to use on the new YouTube One Channel. As he informed us ‘‘It is a free Photoshop template that you can customize to get your banner done quickly.’’

Navigating around the new YouTube One Channel Layout is a lot easier with a tool like the One Channel Template. It helps eliminate potential problems with the way the new YouTube One Channel Layout will appear on the different devices and it is extremely easy to use.

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