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A Third of People Would Move for a Better Garden: London Stone Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- According to a recent survey from Lloyds Bank, it has been revealed that one in three parents interviewed believed their children did not spend enough time outdoors. Many expressed disappointment at their situation, including the lack of an adequate garden space, with a third also stating that they would consider moving house for a better garden area.

Therefore, it can be seen that many children are not enjoying as much time outside, potentially due to having inadequate space close to the family home. Many houses have gardens, yet the typical features of lawns can often become a cause for concern at this time of year, with many children vulnerable to hay fever. Furthermore, grassed garden spaces especially can lead to mess and are quickly inconvenienced by bad weather, becoming difficult for families to manage. There is demand for diverse outdoor spaces in which to play, but which do not require excessive maintenance.

About London Stone
London Stone are a natural stone paving suppliers, with a number of years of expertise in providing innovative garden solutions. They are also frequent commentators on related news and were quick to reflect on the recent survey outcomes.

"We believe that the results highlight the importance of having a garden space which can be enjoyed by all the family," A spokesperson said "After all, so many of the parents involved cited reasons such as the allure of computer games being responsible for children not spending time outdoors. This emphasizes the importance of the garden as an interactive, exciting space to interest children. The typical lawn and flowerbed combination can become dull and in many cases offers little visual excitement, whether you are an adult or a child. However, adding some stone features, such as steps or a patio can significantly enhance any outdoor space you may have. Although it may not be immediately obvious, it can be good for children too, as it provides a secure surface on which equipment such as benches and playsheds can be erected. Many adults may remember the importance of a solid surface when they tried to ride a bike with stabilisers or a scooter when a child! So much safer than the road or pavement! A small amount of tone flagging in your garden thus provides the ideal versatile surface, as well as opening up your garden space. We are always ready to talk to you about your options at London Stone."

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