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A to Z Vet Supply Now Featuring NeoPar Parvo Vaccine on Their Website


Dresden, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- A to Z Vet supply, a leading provider of vet supplies online, is pleased to announce they now feature the NeoPar Parvo vaccine on their website. The product, created by NeoTech, is a modified live virus vaccine that is high-titered. The vaccines offer puppies a higher level of protection from all know strains of canine parvo. Compared to other brands, NeoPar provides the puppies immunity system a more efficient way of stimulating antibody production and a longer duration of immunity from Canine Parvo.

The online vet supply store offers numerous videos about the parvo vaccine on their website, especially on how vaccines work. When puppies are born, they are equipped with a high-quality immune system. Most puppies’ immune system is equipped with a high level of maternal antibodies that protect the puppy for the first four weeks of life. Current AHAA vaccine regiments do not address this high maternal antibody level and common five way vaccines fail to properly protect young puppies. NeoPar address this issue by overriding maternal antibodies within the first dose and then providing the puppy with a high Antibody count for protection within the second booster dose. Do not leave your puppies immune health to chance and give them the add value protection with NeoPar. Safety in young puppies is NeoPar greatest concern. The proper way to address a puppy’s immune system is by single core virus protection. Not only will the puppy gain higher levels of protection from virus, it is packaged with the very best components and carriers so that physical reaction is diminished.

NEOPAR® contains a high antigenic mass-per-dose of a highly immunogenic strain of canine parvovirus. All dogs should receive a parvo vaccine because it is considered by many in the animal health care field to be a “core” vaccine. According to the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccination guideline, puppies should receive three or more vaccinations between the ages of six and sixteen weeks old. Dogs should also receive a vaccine one year after completion of the final puppy vaccination.

If breeders, vet suppliers or other individuals involved with the animal health care industry are in need of NEOPAR® vaccinations or NeoPar sister vaccine NeoVac DA2, now is the time to buy online. A to Z Vet Supply offers affordable pricing and shipping options on all items available for sale on the website. To speak with a company representative, please call 800-903-1461.

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