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A to Z Vet Supply Now Offering Single Antigen Canine Distemper Parvo Vaccine


Dresden, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- A to Z Vet Supply is pleased to announce they are now offering a single antigen canine distemper Parvo vaccine. The vaccine, NEOVAC® D, was recently released by NEOTECH, LLC. Capable of inducing protection from parvo with just one does, NEOVAC® D is a high titer, modified live antigen distemper vaccine that can be used in many situations. Often times, a single antigen canine distemper vaccine is chosen over a complex combination vaccine that contains multiple antigens.

The single antigen canine distemper vaccine known as NEOVAC® D is preferred by dog owners and veterinarians because it offers a strategic booster vaccination program against distemper.

Research has shown that a high titer single antigen modified live canine distemper vaccine can induce protection within a few hours of administration. If there is an outbreak in a kennel or dog shelter, NEOVAC® D is preferred because it can induce a greater protection level in a single dose, more-so than a multi-antigen combination vaccine.

Other than dogs, other animals such as foxes, minks, raccoons, skunks and ferrets can be infected and are highly-susceptible to canine distemper. NEOVAC® D is used to induce immunity in all animals that can be affected by this life-threatening disease.

NEOVAC® D, along with other top-rated neopar vaccines can be purchased through the A to Z Vet Supply website.

To speak with a company representative regarding any of the products available on the website, please call 800-903-1461.

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