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A to Z Vet Supply Provides Education and Procedures on Preventing and Treating Giardiasis


Dresden, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Giardia is a protozoan organism that causes the diarrheal illness known as Giardiasis. It is commonly found throughout the world. Animals suffering from Giardia can suffer from weight loss or poor weight gain. Giardiasis can lead to extreme dehydration and other serious health issues in pets. A to Z Vet Supply is offering advice towards the prevention and treatment of the Giardia infection.

Giardia attaches itself to intestinal walls and changes the chemistry of the digestive system by lowering Cholesterol levels and increasing pH. As the Giardia protozoa detects that it is about to be expelled from the host it creates a cyst in which it contains itself. Through this process of self-preservation, the Giardia Protozoa is able to survive outside of the host and spread to other victims. This is why A to Z Vet Supply reinforces that it’s so important to protect pets from this disease.

It can be present in just about anything, from dirt to kennel cages. A to Z Vet Supply provides effective and safe products to sanitize surfaces and eliminate the Giardia threat. Quaternary Ammonia sanitizers may be fine for dishwashing and other tasks. However, it is extremely dangerous to children and pets. A to Z Vet Supply offers professional grade OXINE AH, a chlorine dioxide-based cleaner that is only activated when special activation crystals are applied. The product is powerful and safely rinses without troublesome residues.

To ensure that people’s pets stay free of the infection, A to Z Vet Supply recommends the disinfectant shampoo Chlorhexidine Max 4, which kills many different infectious organisms including Giardia. Pet owners that are considering breeding may consider shampooing their pets and then shaving areas prone to exposure to future Giardia cysts.

A-Z also supplies “snap test” kits that test substances for the Giardia bacteria. Basically, the user places the dirt, fecal matter, etc. that is in question into a test liquid. The liquid then sits for a short period and is placed into a snap container that feeds the liquid into a matrix. The matrix then exposed the proteins of the Giardia protozoa if they are present. This is a useful way to tell if someone’s pet is infected or if there’s a spot in a yard or nearby field that may be dirty and contaminated with Giardia cysts.

People interested in protecting their pets and livestock from Giardia and other malefactors that threaten animals should utilize A to Z Vet Supply’s services as soon as they can. A to Z Vet Supply works with breeders, farmers, equestrians and everyday pet owners. Contact A to Z Vet Supply today at 800.979.2869, or by fax at 800.979.2870. A to Z Vet Supply also has vaccines for dogs for sale, including the Parvo vaccine

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