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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Employment screening and tenant screening are important risk mitigating criterions, albeit opting for the physical solutions of which can be both time-consuming and expensive concerns. Not to worry though as a virtual solution for criminal background check by the name of BackgroundCheckr is now ready to offer free services to all online patrons at the press of a key. A great news surely for many home-letters and employers, as hereby it is now possible for them to get hold of information more than mere raw data for engaging people who are genuinely authentic,  in business and property at no extra cost.

What is BackgroundCheckr? Well, this is a great web-based background screening solution from to check out an individual’s personal as well as criminal history. That it can be operated online is a great boon for employers and hirers who prefer to perform such checks quickly, without hassles, gratis. To start, one just needs to fill in the designated slots in the website with a few very basic information like First/Middle/Last name, City, Age and Location (the hunt can be conducted for ‘Nationwide’ also) and press ‘Search’. That’s it – from criminal background check to personal information, the software looks up everything @ speed and pops up results within a few seconds flat. ruffles trustworthy governmental as well as private info directories for combing out answers for its search results. What’s more, it is quite demanding in its run and is believed to focus on the most updated of info collected from governmental/private search listings and public record database. Users also get 4 specialized options for conducting the search, namely people, social media, background and criminal record, which are definitely interesting avenues for exploration by an online service like this.

BackgroundCheckr clearly maintains at all instances though that it is ‘not a consumer reporting agency’. It also recommends interested patrons to read the Terms & Conditions of service as well as the Privacy Policy before usage. In passing, the service offers a special membership access to their public record database for keeping users connected to all recent developments and changes appearing in the records. maintains stringent standards for ensuring 100% security and integrity of their systems and networks and strives to offer all patrons the most reliable of criminal background check information. To know more about the service log onto .

About Background Checkr
BackgroundCheckr is a top-rated free web-based instant background checking tool that claims to be better in all respects than its contemporaries.