A Truly Amazing Skin Protectant Cream Now Available to the General Public


Pico Rivera, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- During the SARS infection scare several years ago, the U.S. Postal Service took a precautionary and unprecedented step of awarding a contract to Withrow Pharmaceutical™ in order to provide Dr.Withrow Skin Protectant to postal employees handling and processing mail. This incredible formula became so successful that it gained the reputation as the “Invisible Glove.”

“There’s an acute need among many working professionals, hobbyists and homemakers for Skin Protectant” according to Sergio Quinones president of Withrow Pharmaceutical™. “Many individuals who work in clinical or medical environments are very concerned about their skin being exposed to dangerous substances and hazardous, infectious materials. The time has come for Skin Protectant to be available not only to government workers and healthcare professionals but also to mechanics, food service workers, painters, beauticians, housewives, and all consumers.”

In order to satisfy the immediate need for skin protectant cream, Withrow Pharmaceutical™ is making this remarkable product available to the general public. Dr. Withrow Skin Protectant cream has been dermatologically tested and has proven its ability to protect skin from harsh elements. During flu and allergy season, Dr. Withrow's Skin Protectant is an outstanding defense against bacteria and viruses. With its moisturizing and barrier protection, Dr. Withrow Skin Protectant cream nourishes and safeguards the skin for 4 hours or more, even after repeated washings and coming in contact with soapy water.

About Withrow Pharmaceutical
Withrow Pharmaceutical™ has a long history of researching and developing unique formulations to help the community stay healthy through the use of natural ingredients. All raw materials are assayed before use and manufactured formulas are tested and continuously kept up-to-date. Withrow Pharmacuetical™ products are made in the U.S.A.

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